Georges Avgoustiadis

Deputy Secretary General

Get to know Georges
When Georges and I woke up from our nap on Zoom at 2:00 AM, he said “ 3adi ya fofa hayekhlas f sanga “ reminding me that our icj closing statements are in four hours. I’ve always thought that Georges was in some manner destined to be a member of the Secretariat. You’ll never meet somebody more well-rounded, calm and optimistic than him. He is the most fun to work with since he is always prepared with the funniest stories and an olive-filled loaf of bread. The heart and soul of this team is our Lebanese king. The sweetest and Kindest friend, always willing to help, always there for anybody, and is unquestionably the best leader this team could have wished for. Georges is the most devoted worker there is, aside from his lovable character. Always gives everything he does his all, and he never gives up until he achieves the best outcome. He’s the kind of person whose infectious smile instantly wins you over. Please keep in mind that I will always love your mom more than you , Yorgo.

Sarah Cornec

Secretary General

Get to know Sarah
People always try to find the friend who brings out the best in them and can feel themselves around them, well this person is Sarah. Sarah is a person who would never run at the first sign of complexity, and who is tolerant, kind, welcoming, and caring. The perfect mix between a heart of gold and fierce, she is truly a driving force in all areas and has numerous qualities that 200 words won’t be sufficient to talk about. Her ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere will never fail to mesmerize you. She could go on and on about the dumbest things and be totally invested, so take care whilst debating with her. As strange as it sounds, she comes to school every day whilst listening to Fayrouz and Warda. If you fall, she is the kind of person who would first laugh and then come to help you (known from personal experience). All jokes aside, when Sarah has a goal in mind, she surpasses herself and goes above and beyond to achieve it with the most optimal results and she possesses traits that make her a great leader. Sarah is everything that would cross your mind. I am truly grateful that i will be sharing my last experience with her.

Farida Youssef

Deputy Secretary General

Get to know Farida
Light, caring, passionate and stubborn, four adjectives perfectly fitting the description of one of the closest people to my heart. Farida, the most down to earth person you’ll ever meet and the one that lights up every room she sets foot in. I can assure you that having a Farida in your life is certainly exceptional. To the one I share my Lebanese food obsession with, to the one that uses the gym as a personality trait, to my study buddy and the most special: Farida. When you’re sad and upset, you’ll have Farida to comfort you. When you’re happy and content, you’ll have her cheer for you and when you’re anxious and stressed, you’ll have her support you. Farida is the type of person that enters your heart without knocking yet doesn’t make you regret it, considering all the silly jokes she cracks (not always funny) and the warm ambiance she emits. Surprisingly, she’s mistaken for a strictly serious person when in fact she has the bubbliest personality. A personality so bubbly that she refuses to eat a donut unless it’s shared with me ;). Farida is a very dedicated and driven person that you can rant with for hours. This is particularly because of how understanding and listening she is, which mark one of her most prominent traits. Her ability to wholeheartedly listen to you never ceases to amaze me.
It’s, however, safe to say that I don’t think a simple “get to know” letter will do Farida justice because you will never really understand how distinctive and unique she is unless you really do get to know her 🙂


Ingy Helmy

Ahmed Hussein

Christian Cornec

Ziyad Aboushair

Fatma Hussein


Nada Ahmed

Executive Advisor

Get to know Nada
Nada or as we all like to call her Noudy is a person of a kind. Even if our first conversation ever started by her saying “Hi ana esmi Nada”, we now share an irreplaceable bond.
Nada is the most dedicated person you’ll ever encounter. Proof is that she changed her email from to just for MUN. Since I’ve started working with Nada, I’ve really learned that anything could be done. No matter the circumstances, she always manages to finish her work but also to perfect it. She’s very hardworking and makes sure to achieve every goal she has in mind. Once you get closer to Nada you end up realizing that you always need her; she’s constantly cheerful and exudes this wonderful positive energy wherever she goes with her contagious smile.
If you ever need help just call Nada at any time of the day and she will listen to you for hours and will end up giving you the best advice you can receive. This is one of the many reasons why she fits perfectly for the EAC position. But if she ever starts laughing in the most random times don’t get surprised she’s just trying to deal with the situation.
I’m very grateful to share my last OISMUN experience with such a kind hearted person by our side.

Ali Cherif

Executive Advisor

Get to know Ali
Ali, Elwa or Alouka is the person who will bully you until the end of time but is also your biggest supporter and bestest friend. Ali is one of the most sincere and caring people you’ll ever meet. Don’t let his height and dimples fool you because he’s really easy to crack up if you can take his humor lightly.
Elwa is without a doubt everyone’s go-to friend whenever they need a good laugh. His dedication and hardwork will never fail to inspire you . Here’s to our shared love for very “funny” memes and extremely bizarre tiktoks. Thank you Alouka, for always bringing a smile to everyone’s faces , thank you for always guiding us and giving the best advice , thank you for always helping out . And be certain that Ali will always be on your side whenever you need him to be .
On behalf of the whole team, I can say that we’re all lucky to share our last OISMUN experience with you. Your presence in the team is truly admirable , your soul shines bright wherever you go , here’s to many journeys and memories to come , never stop being you !

Janna El Nashar

Executive Advisor

Get to know Janna
Joujou, this letter will never do her justice because no paragraph could ever describe how special she is. Janna is a kind and caring individual who always has the brightest and most contagious smile on her face. Every time we talk it just always ends in hysterical laughter and I’m sure everyone can agree that her energy is unmatched. She’s really one of the most helpful people you’ll ever meet. Having to work side by side in the same executive team in our last OISMUN has been amazing and our friendship is something I truly cherish. She sincerely has one of the best personalities that I’ve ever seen, and she can only be described as joyful. Her heart of gold and her wise thinking, easily make her stand out in a large group of people. Not to sound sexist, but she’s one of the very few girls to really make me laugh sometimes with her unique sense of humor. I’d consider myself lucky for being friends with her, because she’s one of the few likeable and good people I’ve met in school. Thank you so much for everything you have done to me and to the team ya J.


Amina El Kalyoubi

Vice-Head of the Organisation team

Get to know Amina
There is so much to say about Amina that it won’t fit in only 200 words. Amina is one of the
funniest and most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet. Amina’s humor is very very special. You always wish not to laugh about her jokes but it’s unfortunately impossible. She can turn any serious moment into an inside joke. She can and will always match your energy, which makes it way way easier to feel comfortable around her. She is a very helpful person, always there for you when you need it. I just wish all the effort we put in would get us good grades in math. Amina literally knows everything, and it’s impressive how she is able to keep quiet with all the secrets she hears and all the embarrassing things she knows about every single person inside and outside the school (especially what happens in English classes). One piece of advice: never look too much at Amina’s Tiktok and social media feeds. It’s one of the dumbest, funniest, and most addictive/influencing things you could ever imagine. To summarize everything, Amina is one of the most amazing and unique people, and I am lucky to have her, as I’m sure anyone else would be too.

Youssef Hammouda

Head of the Organisation team

Get to know Youssef

Hammo, the most enthusiastic person you’ll ever meet. I can confidently say that Hammouda is the kindest and most caring person you will ever get to know, without a doubt he has been by everyone’s side, he’s the most reliable, the person you can count on anytime and anywhere, moreover whenever you need something he’s the first to show up. He has many good qualities that are both visible once you meet him and very precious once you get close to him. First of all, he is an amazingly hard worker determined to put in all his effort to reach his goals. It is admirable how he balances all he has to do in a very organized manner. I am so happy to have the opportunity to get to know him, we have gotten closer and closer since we started this experience. Every conversation with him will always turn into a fascinating discussion. To many more endless zoom calls. Besides the fact that he does NOT laugh at my joke, which I take very very personally, I am very happy and excited to have the chance to work with him, to more memories together..

Farida Afia

Vice-Head of the Organisation team

Get to know Farida
Did I know her before this year? No. Do I regret that? 100%. Farida is the type of person who does a whole 180 when you get to know her. Trust me, you’ll never believe how differently I see her now as opposed to last year. The amount of fun, embarrassing, and weird moments I’ve had with Farida over the last few months are uncountable. From playing XO with a random stranger in a restaurant using airdrop to secretly filming Diala using tiktok (She definitely saw us), you’ll never feel bored in a room with Farida. I’m convinced there has to be something in the way farida acts or maybe it’s just her, but every time we walk past each other we start laughing, no reason at all, even when we’re getting yelled at… In all seriousness, she’s the type of person that will always give her all, she never disappoints, and is a great team player. I found all that out in about 2 months, and I can’t wait to learn way more in the next 10 we’ll be in the team together for. Another thing, no, I won’t swap letters with you, not very hard to figure out why now is it?
Alliance will never fall.

Ruqayyah Sokkar

Head of Administration

Get to Know Ruqayyah
As I write this letter, I realize there may not be a way I can describe the incredible person
Ruqayyah is simply through writing. Ruqayyah is the kind of person who leaves a mark in your life, a person who makes every
instant memorable. I can recall all our inside jokes from years ago (regardless of how bad they
were). I still cherish them because they remind me of all the times we’ve spent laughing together. Even through the toughest and most stressful times we’ve been through, the countless phone
calls, having her with me and being able to say “we did it” at the end was probably what helped
make it all worth it.In fact, Ruqayyah is the first person I go to when I have any problem, because she never
fails to make things lighter and to give me some much-needed advice. She knows exactly what to
say and when to say it. I can’t imagine a more reliable person; she truly has become a constant in
my life. As a team, we couldn’t have been any luckier to have her as our Head of Administration, and I’m even luckier to have her as a friend.

Hana Nomrosy

Vice-Head of Administration

Get to know Hana
When someone says “loud and bright”,only hana comes to mind. Hana or as I like to call her
Hano is very passionate, kind, committed, outgoing and truly one of the most hard-working
people you could ever meet, always performing with her utmost abilities.A social butterfly is
what she should be called, always looking out for others when needed. You better get the
chance to taste her delicious brownies because she for sure makes the tastiest ones! Hanouna
is the type of girl that brightens any room she enters and is always ready to make each person
around her burst out laughing. Despite her bubbly personality, Hana is a real-life version of a lie
detector, and knows TOO much. Other than being the school’s ballerina, she has a very positive
spirit that makes all situations lively and fun. You can always count on her to put a big smile on
your face. Without that being said her charismatic personality flips your mood 360 degrees. If
Hayat was an actual person,she would definitely be Hano which is ironic considering Hana’s
obsession with Al hob la yafham al Kalam. Finally, keep being the pure, genuine person you are
& never change.

Youssef Safina

Vice-Head of Administration

Get to know Youssef
Safina or safsaf, “sabba7 El dof3a”. Safina is the nerdiest one you’ll ever know, he’s our “Da7a7”. When it comes to describe Safsaf, we should mention that he’s one of the funniest people I’ve met in my life. I know him since c1 and we became friends in c3. He’s so energetic, hard worker. If there’s any problem, he’s always there to help, you will never feel bored in his presence. Youssef is passionate and is the kind of person that is willing to do anything to prove his point. He will support you in every situation and will never judge your decisions. Whenever you feel down, know that youssef will make you feel better and comfortable in any possible situation. Safina is one of my best friends, and I’m 100% sure that he will make our first experience as team members unforgettable and will make an important difference in OISMUN.

Malak Hassanein

Vice-Head of Administration

Get to know Malak
Describing Malak in 200 words is definitely an impossible task. Malak is the sweetest person you could ever meet, she has the purest and cutest heart. Kouka always likes to be there for people and make sure they’re okay , she’s always laughing for no reason. Play her “el bakht” and you’ll see a completely different person, any arabic song that Malak knows word to word i don’t recommend you being next to her while singing. She’s a hard working and committed person, who’ll always impress you with her work and creative ideas. You can easily open up to Malak because of how much you’ll feel comfort around her, she’s a social butterfly and always looks out for others. Kouka’s the most energetic and positive person you’ll ever be around, she puts the closest people to her before herself. The person who gets to work with Malak is definitely the luckiest ,side note: Never look at Malak in a serious situation because she will most likely laugh.

Yassine Ghanem

Head of IT and Design

Get to Know Yassine
Describing Yassin in 200 words or less, has to be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. Without a doubt Yassin will give everything he has for the team, and he’ll always be motivating his department and work hard with them. Even though his department makes him always occupied, he’ll surely be offering a helping hand for the rest of the departments.I can tell he is a great fit for the team because his work ethic and perseverance are unmatched. He also never ceases to make us all laugh. When someone says “energetic and loud” only yassin comes to mind. His unique sense of humor will surely impress everyone. He’s the most energetic person you’ll meet and trust me, you will never feel bored in his presence.

Mohamed Samir

Head of IT

Get to Know Samir
Samir, is the funniest guy you’ll ever meet. Just by looking at him you will laugh. He’s kind and supportive, he will support you and make you believe in yourself and will always encourage you to do more. Mohamed’s energy is unmatched and can truly bring joy to you. You can count on Mohamed to put a smile on your face whenever you feel sad. Mohamed will never leave you behind and will always be by your side because he’s that loyal. Mohamed thinks he knows it all, even though he doesn’t. However this doesn’t change the fact that he’s so mature for his age. Mohamed always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room, and I’m glad we’re good friends. Everyone needs a Samir in their life.

Fatima Zeyad

Head of Design

Get to know Fatima
Fatima or as we like to call her tika. I have always thought Fatima was shy and quiet. But as I got to know her, I realized that while she’s around, you’ll constantly be laughing and having fun. In a very short time, she grew to be more than a sister to me. She brings energy into each place she enters. Fatima could be the most organized person I’ve ever seen; you could tell her notebook from 50 different ones, they’re always colorful and decorated; just looking at her pencil case would be enough to confirm this. She is the kind of person with whom you could have both the deepest and the dumbest conversations. She always supports and respects anyone without conditions. I am lucky to have her in my life. Don’t you dare go talk to Fatima after an exam; she’ll simply start shouting in your face, and tell you how bad she did and that she’s failing but in the end she gets very good grades. She’s the sweetest and has the softest heart. Working with Fatima is a blessing because she is very motivated and hardworking. She always makes you feel better and completely changes your mood by telling you one of her jokes.

Hussein Agamawi

Head of Hospitality

Get to know Agamawi
Get to know Hussein, Agamawi the gym addict, is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. He is very organized, punctual and always likes to come up with the best work ever. It’s an honor to work with Hussein and have him in this team, Agamawi is the type of person who’s always going to be here for you. He has the best vibe ever and he’s so fun to be around because he makes everything better and helps whenever. Despite his though personality Hussein is the most genuine, honest, and sincere person you will ever meet. If you stay with Hussein for 5 minutes you’ll die of laughter, he’ll always crack a joke or tell you a funny story. I’m truly honored to be sharing and working close with Hussein in my first and last OISMUN conference. immediately love and feel comfortable with within five minutes of getting to know him. A known secret keeper and lowkey, the best listener, the ideal representation of a persistent, pure hearted and genuine person. He’s also known for being “the peacemaker” and “the wisest” in every argument. Lastly, he’s one of the most important assets of the team, just as in everyone’s lives.

Yassin Omran

Vice-Head of Hospitality

Get to Know Yassin
The funniest person you will ever meet is yassin. You’ll laugh just by looking at him. He is friendly and supportive, and he will help you believe in yourself and always push you to do more. Yassin has an unmatched amount of energy that may truly make you happy. Whenever you’re feeling down, you can count on Yassin to make you laugh. Yassin is so loyal to you that he would never abandon you and will always be by your side. Yassin believes he is an expert despite the fact that he is not. The fact that he is so mature for his age, despite this, remains unchanged. I’m glad we have a wonderful friendship because Yassin believes he is the smartest person in the room at all times.
Ahmed El Tayebi

Ahmed El Tayebi

Head of Catering

Get to Know Ahmed
Knowing Tayebi since P4, I obviously know a lot about him, so describing him in less than 200 words will be challenging. From his sense of humor and stupidity to his logical thinking and hard work, Ahmed has many qualities that make him the perfect friend and colleague. Ahmed impresses me with his ability to balance his academic and athletic life. Being the tennis and swimming champion he is, it’s very inspiring once you truly get to know how dedicated he is to his sports, and this dedication is something we should all learn from him. Ali always pushes everyone around him to their limits whether it’s in proving a point, Or whether it’s in something related to schoolwork because he always likes to produce high quality work. Ahmed is also charismatic and a very loyal friend, who’s always there for me, and I’m sure that he will always be there for anyone who’s paired with him. I am extremely grateful to have someone like Ahmed in my life, so keep being you.
Youssef Kadry

Youssef Kadry

Head of Catering

Get to Know Youssef
Youssef, or as I like to call him Kadoura is the type of person you’ll always keep questioning about his existence; he is one of a kind. Knowing him since P3, I obviously know EVERYTHING about him. Kadry is one of my closest friends and I’m delighted to call him my brother. Kadry is the funniest person you’ll ever meet in your whole life; he can turn the most serious things into the silliest jokes. Kouki is the kind of person that is willing to do literally anything to prove his point; you can have a serious debate with him about penne being better than spaghetti. The words that describe Youssef are funny, hilarious and loyal (not really). Kadry is a very welcoming person; he can make you a cup of tea at midnight in his house, but at the same time he can run after you with a fully loaded RPG because you touched one of his statues. Him and I share a very unique/incomprehensible bond, if you wanted to define our friendship, you would define us as partners in crime. We weren’t always friends, but now, we are inseparable. Kadry is a hard worker; he constantly strives to be the best at what he does and he always astounds me with what he can accomplish. Without a doubt, Youssef will be a good addition to our team and will amaze us with his abilities (please don’t food poison us!).

Hussein Hassanein

Head of Security and Transportation

Get to Know Hussein
To the teddy bear of the team,
Hussein is one of the most extravagant people you are going to meet in your life. He is known for being the loudest person in the room and for his undying sense of humor. Hussein is the perfect addition to the organization team as he has shown that in a situation where panic and disorder are present, you would find Hussein in the middle of any catastrophe in a calm state with his big smile that never leaves his face. Hussein is also known for being a party animal in any place and time. Hussein is an honest hard-working person that always gives 100% to ensure the success of any task and to overcome any obstacle that he might face. He is also famous for being the so-called “gym-rat” of our promotion, he would be the one we call whenever we’re in need of his amazing lifting powers.

Nour Ghoneim

Head of Security and Transportation

Get to Know Nour
Let me start by saying that Nour is by far the most comforting person ever. She is so kind, friendly and energetic when she wants to be. Nouny is the kind of person you can talk to for hours on end and never get bored. She always encourages those around her, and believe me, she is the best listener ever. You can always rely on her. She is the most considerate and selfless person you will ever meet. Not to mention her weird obsession with babies and her donkey laugh. One thing I admire about her is her love for fast and furious. She is a very hardworking and determined person who will follow her goals no matter what. She is someone I can relate to like no other. She cries about everything and makes a funny crying face but that is what makes her special. Nour will tell you the worst jokes and will be the only one laughing at them. I am blessed to have her. I will finish this by saying that she will always be there for you no matter what terms you guys are on. I definitely consider her my sister.

Haya Hossam

Head of Ceremonies and Events

Get to know Haya
To anyone who doesn’t know Haya, or as I like to call her, Hayouy… I am sorry to tell you that you are TRULY missing out. If you do know her, you should consider yourself extremely lucky, I know I am. If you don’t, I’ll try to describe how much of a privilege it is to have someone like her in your life. Hayouy is the type of person who will never ever fail you. Do you need help? She’s the one offering it. Do you need advice? She’s giving it to you. Do you need someone to talk to? She’s always there to listen. Something she doesn’t quite appreciate in herself as everyone else around her does, is how dedicated and hard-working she is. She’ll always do her best in whatever task is at hand. Being completely honest, I’m quite jealous of the people getting to work with her during our conferences; there isn’t a better partner to be around. Hence, let’s swap places? Everything she does is more than enough for everyone around her, and I can speak for everybody who knows her when I say : Hayouy, we are extremely proud of you, keep lighting up every room you’re in.

Mariam El Zoghby

Head of Ceremonies

Get to know Mariam
If you ever hear a loud laugh from a distance, 99 percent of the time, it’s Mariam. Zoghby is a bundle of joy who brings laughter to every room she enters. Go to Zoghby if you ever need to forget about life and laugh for hours. Mariam is passionate, caring, funny and one of the most genuine and unfiltered individuals you’ll ever meet. If you want an honest straightforward opinion, go to Mariam. Most importantly, she’s extremely devoted and protective of those she cares about. Her love for her friends is so pure and genuine. She’s the type of person who will go to great lengths to protect her loved ones and will boldly tell anyone off. She is probably the most adventurous, fun-spirited and bravest person ever. She enjoys living her life to the fullest and will always try anything with you, no matter how reckless it sounds. Finally, Zoghby is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, and nothing can ever stop her. You should always expect the unexpected from her. Anyone who works with Mariam should consider themselves extremely fortunate because she’s a true blessing who will ensure that those around her have the best time!

Marina Farid

Head of Events

Get to know Marina
Writing for Marina could be hard for anyone but for me it’s like a piece of cake. She has always been there for me. She is a hard worker and helps everyone. Marina and I have been best friends since 2012. Whenever I needed her she was always there. We fight all the time over the littlest things but we always forgive each other.marina is the sweetest person ever. I’m so proud and honored to call marina my best friend.if i could say one thing to marina it would be thank you. I would thank her for everything she has done for me. the things I would thank her for are endless. I love her so much. She’s my secret keeper, my best friend, my problem solver and the sweetest person ever. She has the ability to turn any moment to be the best one. If you don’t have a marina then you definitely need one.

Salma Elaidy

Head of Accomodation

Get to know Malak
SALOUZIII. the type of girl who’s most likely to become president yet can’t keep track of the GPS on the road. She’s the literal definition of a bomb; A ball of energy that never actually runs out ,even when it’s 3am and you’ve been awake for 27 hours straight, only she will still have the energy to run around the room. Sal is one of the most unique people you’ll ever come across, you’d be lucky to have her by your side , and the fact that I’m writing about her for the second time, says just how lucky I am. She has never failed to put a smile on everyone’s faces, her excitement and laugh alone are more than enough to make a room burst. It’s physically impossible to be bored around salma, she’ll always have things to talk about, if not activities to do. ALWAYS. I met Sal 3 years ago, and even though I really miss the feeling of not having a headache 24/7 — And despite how she can manage to get on every single one of my nerves , I consider myself the luckiest to have someone like Sal by my side.Finally, I can not end this letter without mentioning how obsessively organized she is, and how much of a headache she is (don’t say I didn’t warn you). This girl can manage to keep a phone call ALONE, without you having to say a word, try it ( I mean ,I have ). Can’t believe I survived this long around you sister ( if you ever call her ,tip : panadol migraine works best, thank me later 😉

Mohamed El Kholy

Head of Sponsors

Get to know Kholy
At first glance, Mohamed El Kholy is my friend since we both were kids. He seems like the type of guy you wouldn’t want to mess with, but I guess, you can never judge a book by its cover. A couple of minutes into knowing Kholy would make you realize how nice of a guy he really is. Kholy is the funniest person you can ever meet, he has the sense of humor that’d leave you rolling on the ground from historical laughter. I gotta admit it, the guy’s pretty funny when he’s in a good mood. Sometimes you’d catch Kholy acting all tough, but from the inside, Kholy’s a really nice guy. But don’t forget, to see that nice side of Kholy, you need to sacrifice your school breakfast. Don’t ever have a serious talk with Kholy because he doesn’t know how to handle a serious situation at all. But although you need to consider him as your best friend, he will have your back no matter what. Kholy and I had our ups and downs, but in the end, I can proudly say that he is my best friend.

Malak El Touby

Head of Social Media

Get to Know Malak
Ever wonder who Taylor Swift’s biggest fan is? Just know it’s Malak! Wherever she is, she will be singing every song. She is one of the most transparent people I know, & getting to call her my friend is such a blessing. Trust me when I say, be ready for the unexpected with her. Always know that her crazy stories will leave you with the most memorable moments. Quite frankly, she loses her stuff everywhere she goes and notices it a week later (LITERALLY). Malouka can always turn a gloomy day into a brighter one. Her giving me food everyday because I never get mine is what I look forward to the most. Her generosity is definitely something to never forget about her. When you spend time with her, one word from her will leave you bursting with laughter. Despite that, Malak is the most consistent and devoted person when it comes to work. Her dedication is beyond impressive, and whoever gets to work with her should consider themselves lucky. In a nutshell, It will be worthwhile to get to know her. Her peculiar yet endearing personality is what distinguishes her and keeps her on your mind.

Alia Mardini

Head of Media

Get to know Alia
Getting to know Alia is such a great experience since anything and everything to be said about Alia is strictly positive and wonderful. Alia has this amazing energy that lightens up anyone’s mood, making everyone not help but become completely charmed by her. She has such a sweet and pure soul with always the best intention in mind. She has this very powerful personality and she’s very determined, which makes her great in anything she aspires to be great at. Alia is a forever person, she doesnt kid when it comes to her life relationships and the people she loves, if you’re her friend you’re truly lucky because Alia will be there for you through everything, fights, happy days, and even the days that are horrible. Plus she’ll even forgive you even if you say you don’t like a certain ex boy band British singer, but it’ll take a while. The team is truly 1000x better with Alia as a part of it.

Dahab El Hanbaly

Journalist Administration

Get to know Dahab
Perfectionist, ambitious, that’s what she is known for. Before you really know her, you’ll get confused about how she manages to talk about 20 different things in one minute and you will never notice the moment she jumps into another subject. That’s her way of showing consideration of everything her mind thinks of and her excitement. You’ll be surprised when I tell you that tarteel is the perfect person to have a deep conversation with and wander into complex philosophical ideas about life, because of her nonstop jokes she tells from movies and tiktoks that I don’t understand and will not understand. She is a real efficient multi-tasker, if she doesn’t find two things to do at the same time, she will probably sing, listen to music or speak while doing the task, which makes her the best fit to work in chaotic circumstances. Her qualities are a reflection of a great leader; her thoughtfulness of other people’s needs cannot be described. It is entirely refreshing to witness her dedication and perseverance. She doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect which makes her perfect for this conference.

Tarteel Adham

Journalist Administration

Get to Know Tarteel
Perfectionist, ambitious, that’s what she is known for. Before you really know her, you’ll get confused about how she manages to talk about 20 different things in one minute and you will never notice the moment she jumps into another subject. That’s her way of showing consideration of everything her mind thinks of and her excitement. You’ll be surprised when I tell you that tarteel is the perfect person to have a deep conversation with and wander into complex philosophical ideas about life, because of her nonstop jokes she tells from movies and tiktoks that I don’t understand and will not understand. She is a real efficient multi-tasker, if she doesn’t find two things to do at the same time, she will probably sing, listen to music or speak while doing the task, which makes her the best fit to work in chaotic circumstances. Her qualities are a reflection of a great leader; her thoughtfulness of other people’s needs cannot be described. It is entirely refreshing to witness her dedication and perseverance. She doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect which makes her perfect for this conference.

Laila Abdelbar

Photography Administration

Get to Know Laila
Laila’s one of the most caring people in the world and always supports her friends. When you feel lost and need someone to talk to without fear of being judged, Laila’s the person to turn to. She’s the strongest, hardest working and most outgoing person I’ve ever met. She’s the kind of person who pushes you until you’re at your best, especially during training. Despite the fact that sometimes she can’t control her anger, she’s the kindest person you’ll ever meet. Laila is the most independent person I know and as our friend group calls her “the mom of the group”. She’s also known for giving the best advice, even though most of the time we don’t listen to it, we always appreciate her efforts with us.Laila’s the type of person you can always count on and will always stand by you, no matter what. She has an unhealthy obsession with Gilmore Girls that’s very concerning. NO ONE will ever be able to say that they have rewatched this show more than she has. Lately, she has also developed an obsession with Abba and can’t stop singing their songs. Trust me, you’ll never experience a dull moment around her.

Karma Essam

Head of Admins

Get to Know Karma
Karma, there’s something about this girl and viruses that just doesn’t make sense. Always sick or injured and no one knows why. You’ll never see her walking around just “fine”, it’s always a dislocated shoulder, fever, broken leg, runny nose…ALWAYS. For some reason her bad luck is always popping on Wednesdays. We can’t promise that what she’s saying will make sense but believe me she always knows what she’s talking about. (Always listen to her advice 😉 ). She’s really smart even if she doesn’t show it all the time and believe me if you look hard enough you’ll find a brain up there…that actually works. Despite all that Kaغma has one of the most kindest hearts you’ll come across in your life. She’s the type of person who would burn down the world for you, she will ACTUALLY murder whoever annoys you. But don’t you dare think that you’ll ever compare to what her dog means to her. ( If Luna doesn’t like you, Karma definitely won’t). Forever ma pote préférée.

Cherif El Nomrosy

Vice-Head of Admins

Get to Know Cherif
Cherif isn’t an easy person to describe in just 200 words, Cherif is one of the most caring, cheerful, and funniest people you can ever meet. Nomrosy likes to treat school like it’s an optional place to go to every day. Cherif can go weeks without coming to school. He likes to drive the teachers crazy and likes to hand in the E-portfolio assignments 43 days past their due date and likes to study for the exams the lesson before we’re having them. Class with Cherif is never boring, he’s either telling annoying jokes that no one likes or keeps on talking and talking until he makes half of the class angry at him. When he comes to school we always celebrate since he never does. Cherif is one of the most amazing tennis players ever, or so he claims. He’s one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. Although he doesn’t come to school and we barely see him, he always tries to do his best and likes to help other people achieve as well. Cherif will never fail to make you laugh with his weird jokes that are always said during inconvenient times.


Sherif Shalaby

Student Officer

Get to Know Sherif
Shalaby is the kind of person that you can connect with instantly no matter who you are. Shalaby is a charming and extraordinarily funny person that may have a teddy bear-like appearance. He is known for his amazing personality and his great sense of humor which immediately puts people at ease, he has a natural ability to understand and relate to people, which makes him a great friend. Shalaby is the best when it comes to basketball, his ability to dunk the ball without even jumping makes you want to have him on your team every time. He is the easiest person to start a conversation with, and always shares memorable moments with everyone. And to always remembering the amount of pants that ripped during OISMUN conferences when you come laughing and telling me “EL7A2NY EL BANTALON ET2ATA3”.

Lara Adel

Student Officer

Get to Know Lara
Lara Adel
There is a lot I want to say about Lara, more than I can explain in 200 words. You won’t meet a more intelligent or admirable person than Lara. She brings life to each space she enters and constantly puts the needs of those around her above her own. You won’t find a friend who is more self-assured, trustable, and creative than Lara. When I’m talking to Lara, despite the fact that I’m not the most sociable and sometimes awkward, I feel at ease and like I want to tell her about my entire life. Spending time with and talking to her is what I look forward to every time. Lara will quickly inspire you with her warmth and will act as a reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it when you’re having a bad day or feeling unmotivated. She is the kind of friend people need. And because of how compassionate she is, she will either help me or take care of it herself if I’m too scared to do something I want. I’m confident that she will succeed as an SO as she’ll bring so much creativity, uniqueness and professionalism in this conference.

Kenzy Louay

Student Officer

Get to Know Kenzy
Kenzy or as she likes to call herself “kenz-benz” is a force of energy. One of my favorite people ever. She’s truly a positive presence, someone who brightens your day, someone always filled and bursting with energy so infectious it’s crazy. She’s literally always smiling, and by that I mean ALWAYS. She’s honestly the worst person to look at in serious situations while trying not to laugh, one look at her bright red face and you’ll burst. She’s also (for whatever reason) always screaming, she gets easily excited and NEVER fails to show it. Kenzy is one of the most put together people ever. She’s honestly one of the most organized and hardworking people, no one works harder. She’s ALWAYS there when needed, the proper definition of dependable. She’s also very driven, and always presents work that meets her HIGH standards, a true perfectionist if I may add. She might be so stubborn it’s maddening, but that’s simply because she’s incredibly passionate, when Kenzy cares about something she cares with every fiber in her and gives her all, that’s why anyone who works with her is lucky and whoever her delegates are, will undoubtedly have a memorable experience.

Laila Refai

Student Officer

Get to Know Laila
Describing Lalouzz in 200 words is extremely hard. Lalouzz is the most loving person you can ever meet. When you need help, you can always count on her to be there for you. She’s one of the most hardworking and passionate people I have ever met. She always lights up any place she enters with her energetic attitude. You will always find her laughing it the darkest moments to cheer you up. Laila is the most passionate and most supportive person you can ever meet, if you ever join Laila in any team work, you will automatically feel her strong team spirit. She is a key player in any field she is working on and has a lot of energy to inspire and spark those around her. One of Laila’s great assets is how friendly she is, as she can make anyone feel like her best friend after a brief period of time. Her great passion for life and love for people have made her a remarkable character that will leave a long-lasting impression for anyone who gets to know her. Her smile lights the room as it’s a loving smile that will make you feel loved.

Nour Makled

Student Officer

Get to Know Nour
Nourrr aka my nounie, the most genuine person inside out, the most committed and hard working girl ever, always trying to come up with the best work and make everyone around her so proud also The strongest girl ever. Nour has this one of a kind smile which can lighten up any place she goes to. She is very organized and extremely punctual but also manages to balance her working personality with her bubbly personality. Nour will always crack a joke and laugh at it even if it’s not funny, she may be annoying at times but that’s what makes her the lovable nour we all love and cherish most. The best support system you’ll ever come across will definitely be her and I’m sure of that. She’s a perfect addition to this team and you’ll be so lucky if you get to work with her (I’m jealous if you do btw). Nour and I have been sharing every milestone together!!! Forevermore. Can’t wait to share my last OISMUN experience with her and see her grow and be present during all her success. Nounie bounie.

Mariam Talaat

Student Officer

Get to Know Mariam
Mariam is one of the most vivacious, lazy, and tranquil people you have ever seen. Mariam is a highly unique individual, and her career transition from an OT member to a Student Officer demonstrates both how varied and admirable she is. What I like most about Mariam is her tenacity. She is powerful and occasionally dumb, but she has never let anyone down who needed her. Even if Mariam is in fact my best friend, it is difficult to convey everything into only 200 words to describe her. Mariam is all-encompassing, which means she is a talker, listener, singer, and dancer all in one. Mariam is someone you can depend on at all times if you need someone to chat to or listen to you; even if you don’t know each other, she will be pleased to do so. and I speak from personal experience because I know that Mariam constantly looks out for me and supports me in even the most awkward circumstances. And believe me when I say that she will always produce the best work since it is her thing when she is enthusiastic about and loves what she does. Thank you for always “twinning” with me every day (only Mariam would comprehend this part), and this part is for her to “make it her thing.”

Farid Rafla

Student Officer

Get to Know Farid
Ferry , the most helpful person out there you’ve helped me through several things in school ,even if you don’t understand you always try to help. It’s always fun to be around you ,the energy you always have makes everything 100x better and I’m sure you’re gonna bring extraordinary vibes to your committee. The person and the participants who are going to be with you in the committee are so lucky to have you, as they’re going to acquire many knowledge and debate skills as you’ve never lost a debate , you always win and come up with unexpected arguments. I won’t stop annoying you and make fun of your curly hair . Never change and stay as you are, always caring for others and being kind although you’re facing many problems, funny and always bring joy to the environment around you.I’m sure you’re going to be a good addition to the team and make everyone around you happy and comfortable. I wish you the best conference and I count on you to always spread joy in the conference.

Malek Afifi

Student Officer

Get to Know Malek
Malek is an exceptional friend to have. He possesses a warm and caring nature, always willing to lend a helping hand and make others feel valued. He is extremely organized and efficient in his approach, making it easy for him to plan and execute tasks with precision. Despite this, he is also a hard worker, putting in extra effort to achieve his goals. Malek is an intelligent individual with a sharp mind and an aptitude for solving problems. He is a gifted goalkeeper who is renowned for being a tough opponent on the field and considers Mohamed El Kholy to be his idol in goalkeeping. Along with his other qualities, Malek also has a good sense of humor and always tries to make others laugh. Overall, Malek is a friend one can always count on, always there to support and guide in any situation. His combination of qualities makes him a well-rounded and valuable friend to have. In addition to his many admirable qualities, Malek is also a great listener and always there to offer a listening ear and provide valuable advice. He is thoughtful and considerate, taking the time to understand the perspectives of others.

Yasmine Riad

Student Officer

Get to Know Yasmine
Yasmine is one of the most adventurous and fun people I have ever come across. She is a very comforting person, and she is one of those people who I can run to when I’m feeling at my lowest because she is the best at giving advice and comforting others. She can be an energetic and fun person, but she is also very serious when it comes to academic work. She is very ambitious and always prioritizes school. She might be one of the most dramatic people ever, but she is also a very supportive friend. She will be brutally honest with you, but only with the intention of helping you. Yasmine is very understanding and is an amazing person to go to during hard times because she will never judge you; she is truly one of the most encouraging people I have ever met.

Mariam Ashmawy

Student Officer

Get to Know Mariam
Mariam or as I like to call her Mario, she’s one of a kind person, she’s always optimistic and energetic, as cliche as it sounds, her smile lights up the room. Even though Mario and I got to know each other since c3, she’s truly a blessing. Mario is one of the smartest and hardworking people I know!! Mario never shares food (or at least her fried chicken wrap). She’s always ready for a walk so if you go take a walk with her you’ll definitely be her best friend. I was a delegate 3 times, luckily Mariam was my president twice, she always made sure everyone understood and she was always there to help everyone!! She was always trying to make the sessions as fun as possible!! Don’t try to call Mariam because she NEVER answers and she prefers chatting. I want to thank her for bearing my “bad” jokes that never made her laugh but I sent them anyway! 2 events of being a delegate in Mariam’s committee, I can assure you that the delegates will go through an unforgettable experience with Mariam as a president and her partner will be so lucky to work with her!!!

Sarah Mubarak

Student Officer

Get to Know Sarah
There are so many things I could say to describe Sarah. She’s truly someone that I could talk about for ages. I’ve known Sarah for around 13 years now and there’s never been a dull moment with her. It’s been a blessing to have her as a friend, as she’s one of the funniest people I know and can easily brighten up your day. She’s very understanding and supportive and is willing to help no matter what. Despite her ability to continuously say the weirdest things and get told off by her friends, Sarah is also very well spoken and gives great advice. You also can’t ignore how strong of a person she is in terms of her character, as she will always stand up for herself and for others. Sarah is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and intelligent people I’ve ever met and you can always count on her to be serious when needed. It’s been amazing to watch her grow into this beautiful and incredible person. Whoever gets to work with her is extremely lucky and will definitely be astonished by her ideas and her personality that cannot be described in just a paragraph.

Dana Ebeid

Student Officer

Get to know Dana
Dana, Dana is the strongest girl you’ll ever meet , she never fails to brighten any room she enters. She’s the most supporting person ever , she’s very determined to get what she wants and will never fail to make you laugh until you can’t breathe. She’s a very special person ( not to mention her stranger things phase ). She will never not tell you the truth. She’s the most confronting person ever , sometimes a bit too much it’s funny. The inside jokes we have are literally unlimited and no one but us gets them. Dana can make your blood boil by how much she’s unbothered. Everyone needs a Dana in their lives, I’m lucky enough I get to call her my best friend.

Laila Mohamed

Student Officer

Get to Know Laila
Summing up Laila in 200 words is like asking someone to talk about their favorite series for exactly 30 seconds, impossible. Laila is a very passionate person, not only is she fun and motivated and energetic, she’s also serious and organized and gets the job done, whatever job she’s required to do, just know it will be handed in exactly how you asked it to be. If it weren’t for her constant reminders to be on top of our work and actually finish our work, we’d be behind all the time. Not only is she someone you can rely on, but she’s an amazing person to be around once you get to know her. No matter how deep or shallow the topic is, she’ll always find a way to contribute and share her most honest opinion in such a poetic way. Don’t let the shy surface fool you, because she is way more than that. Under all of the seriousness, there’s this girl that’s obsessed with marvel, tea and formula one and has a dream to become the world’s best neurosurgeon and thrive in the medical industry. If anyone can achieve that, I know it’s her.

Khadija Bazid

Student Officer

Get to Know Khadija
Describing Khadija in 200 words is hard, if not impossible. I could go on about her for hours since she has so many sides to her personality. She is so cheerful, fun, and goofy. Khadija can be considered an outgoing workaholic who strives to improve herself constantly. She’s the type of person that would be calm in any given situation, unaffected by difficulties, she possesses the composure of a Tibetan monk. The amount of effort she puts into her work is both terrifying and crazy and it’s always a privilege to have her as part of your team. She’s one of the fewest people who can actually handle any sort of situation. Despite her being this drought of energy, whenever she works on a task, she makes sure to complete it perfectly and devotes her entirety into it. she is without a doubt, one of the most trustworthy and determined people out there. It is extremely fun when she is around, her light-hearted personality, and her hard work and dedication guarantee you a good company.

Khadija Dallah

Student Officer

Get to Know Khadija
Most adorable team member! Although I don’t know her that well, anyone can tell straight away that she’s the most perfect example of how girls are capable of everything and anything! You may notice how pretty her hair is and how beautiful she is; nevertheless, her intelligence’s beauty is what makes her so unique. I’m greatly confident in the fact that she’s going to be one of the best student officers that will ever come across OISMUN. From winning best journalist, to becoming one of the most amazing presidents and holding debates of her own in her committee, which the newer and younger journalists will report; the cycle just continues gracefully! She has the most genuine smile, strong personality, is incredibly intelligent and wonderful, she’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! Finally, never ever stop smiling and spreading your positivity.

lama Walid

Student Officer

Get to Know Lama
​​Lama is a very shy and quiet person, the first time we met each other she always kept to herself. So don’t be worried about the bit of distance she puts when you meet her because she’s actually a very chaotic and hilarious person. I’ve known Lama for a very short period of time, but in our 2 years of friendship I find myself discovering new quirks about her that I didn’t know. She’s a very understanding person that will sit and listen to your rants while giving her opinion (sassy comments and looks) about it and always knows when to hit the punch-line and make you laugh. She’s a genuine person that you easily talk to about deep discussion and feel comfortable. Though she may look cute, don’t be fooled, she can have a sharp tongue and strong (tiny) fists that will hit you hard if she wants. She’s stubborn and knows well what she wants but that makes her unique. Lama came late into my life but her impact in it has been so strong and we always have fun together and I am so proud that I get to share my OISMUN experience with her this year.

Lojaina Kayed

Student Officer

Get to Know Ruqayyah
Having to describe Ruqayyah in less than 200 words is definitely the hardest task. As cliché as it sounds, Ruqayyah and I started off hating each other. But to my surprise we ended up forming an unbreakable bond. Ruqayyah is the kind of person who no matter what will always put the closest people to her before herself. She is without a doubt the nicest, most selfless, prettiest and hard working person I know. Whether you’re close or not, you can always count on Ruqayyah. Ruqayyah is the type of person who’s willing to do anything with you unless it’s dancing, yet the most energetic and positive person. If you ever want to please Ruqayyah get her Dunkin iced coffee and she will do whatever you want. She can share anything with you except her chicken strips and pineapple juice. I feel incredibly lucky to have someone in my life who supports me as much as Ruqayyah does. Most importantly, one of the qualities I admire the most about her is her genuine caring. The person who gets to work with Ruqayyah is definitely the luckiest PS: Never look at Ruqayyah in a serious situation because she will most likely laugh.

Maia Meki

Student Officer

Get to Know Maia
Hardworking, passionate, and creative are only some of the words I would choose to describe Maia. She’s the kind of person who, in any situation, will not fail to bring a smile to your face. Other than having such an endearing personality, Maia is one of the most adorable and energetic people I know. When I say she has a heart of pure gold, I really mean it. She always puts others’ needs before hers, and will not hesitate to help anyone, even if she doesn’t know them. Despite her cuteness, Maia can be a firm and diligent person. She’s serious and determined, and always makes sure her work is of the best quality. Weirdly enough, Maia is a very random person. One day, she could be talking to me about her undying love for iced tea and the other about her strange obsession with stationery. Being clumsy is one of her specialties. No day has ever gone by without her falling on the stairs or stumbling into a chair. All jokes aside, anyone would be more than grateful to have a friend like her, and there is no doubt that Maia will make an exceptional addition to the team.

Nour Sami

Student Officer

Get to Know Nour
Nour or Makkouk, as everyone calls her, is one of the most special people I’ve ever met. She
always manages to fill any room with her presence, with her sweetness, her sense of humor but most importantly her heavenly brownies (and this is an understatement). Nour is the type of person that you get with just one look, and that is because of the exaggerated expressions that she always fails to hide. She always manages to make the best out of any situation, regardless of how bad it is, and never fails to find a way to put a smile on your face. Even though Nour might seem like she’s a calm and collected person, in reality she’s one of the craziest people you’ll ever meet. When I think of Nour one word always comes to mind, ENERGY. She always gets excited over the smallest things and that alone always makes your day a thousand times better. Nour always manages to match anyone’s energy and makes sure that everyone feels included. Her dedication and determination to exceed expectations truly inspires me, and for that reason anyone that gets the chance to work with her really is lucky.

Yusuf El Zayat

Student Officer

Get to Know Yusuf
Yusuf is an enthusiastic person. He is very knowledgeable, he reads a lot and has the ability to convey information into real life practices. Yusuf manages his time in a good way that enables him to deliver the assigned tasks on time. He is a very hard worker with high ownership skills. He is a good communicator and has a high sense of humor. It is also worth mentioning that Yusuf participated in several OISMUN and was chosen to be “Best Delegate” for his powerful contribution, fruitful debates and precise clauses. That’s why Yusuf’s committee will be unique!!! A committee full of positive energy, work and fun. On the friendship aspect, anyone who deals with Yusuf can understand the exact meaning of the proverb: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. He cares a lot about the people around him, he shares with them their hard and happy times. I have the confidence that working with Yusuf will make OISMUN XVI an unforgettable experience with an exceptional vibe!!!

Jana Khaled

Student Officer

Get to Know Jana
Jana is the meaning of the mix of everything good. She is the sweetest most kind-hearted person I know. That girl was there for me through everything, and I am eternally grateful for her. Her sense of humor is like no other; it is wicked and fun, dark but sweet. No amount of words can describe how nice she is. Even at her lowest she always finds a way to put a smile on people’s faces. I still remember, years ago how we both met, how she showed me kindness and empathy without even knowing me. She is truly the best. She is so creative and intelligent. It’s always impressive to me how she understands things in her way and explains them in the best way possible. She is the definition of bright. She is bubbly… so bubbly, but it is one of the things I love most about her. Wherever she goes, chaos ensues; however, somehow, it is always good chaos. The best adventures I have ever had were with her. To the girl that loves Lana Del Rey and Avril Lavigne, the 90’s movies and the downtown girl aesthetic thank you for everything you have done.

Lara Awad

Student Officer

Get to Know Lara
Lara or as I like to call her larr is honestly one of the most incredible people I have ever met and I am lucky to be able to consider her one of my best friends. She is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met; from distributing cards to each and every one of her friends on Valentine’s day to being there for everyone whenever they needed it, she has done it all. One thing about Lara is that she will never fail to put a smile on your face, and she has a good way of relieving peoples’ stress. I will never get bored of correcting her french orthographe or making fun of her lame jokes, and I genuinely hope our friendship stays this way forever. Lara is both creative and innovative. She never fails to impress us with her crazy ideas and plans (especially when it comes to théâtre), and working with her is so enjoyable. Honest, dedicated and dependable, I am in no doubt that whoever works with Lara is going to realize how unique she truly is, and I know for a fact that she will be an amazing asset to the team.

Zeina Khater

Student Officer

Get to Know Zeina
Describing Zeina in 200 words is not going to do her justice. No words could ever describe her kind and amazing heart. In the many years I’ve known Zeina, she was always by my side, listening to my problems and reassuring me with her comforting words. Zeina is always ready to speak her mind and talk to you about anything and make you feel a part of any conversation. Not to mention that her smile let alone her presence lights up any room she enters immediately and warms your heart. Not to mention Zeina’s a very talented gymnast and extremely smart, she’s always ready to help you with anything and she cares about her friends the most. She’s such a hardworking person that will do the job despite the stress. She’s not afraid to be her true self. I can say this with 100% accuracy, Zeina is my comfort person. She’s trustworthy, she’ll forever keep your secrets safe. And she’ll always tell you what you need to hear. I can talk to her about anything and not feel embarrassed or ashamed. She’ll always give you the same energy back. Being Zeina’s friend really does make your life truly that much better. I hope we all get a Zeina in our life.

Youssef Zeyad

Student Officer

Get to know Youssef
Youssef is genuinely one of the nicest and most caring people I’ve ever met, he’s always helping out others around him and even calming down his anxious classmates. Even though he is very calm and mostly quiet,he is always smiling at everyone around him. He’s the type of person you get really good vibes from. He’s always sharing his digestive biscuits and juice boxes with everyone, he’s very smart and a hard worker, he never gives up on anything and I really admire his determination. Youssef is just an easy person to get along with that will definitely always be there for you. I love his humor and how he manages to turn any serious situation into an extremely funny one.

Habiba Omar

Student Officer

Get to Know Habiba
Habiba, boubi, biba or whatever, my person literally one of the few people you can count on. I’ve known her for about 8 years now, not gonna lie we didn’t really click and it was just drama in p4-p5 but then we just clicked and I wouldn’t have it any other day. Anyone who’s gonna work with her is gonna be the luckiest, she is the most helpful, caring, kind person you’ll ever meet. She has the purest soul ever, and will always literally be one text away during any crisis. It’s literally an honor to be experiencing my last OISMUN journey with her. My girl, I can’t even begin to fathom all the times you’ve stood by me, or dropped physics class just cause I couldn’t bear to be in my math class. I will forever be grateful to have someone as amazing as you in my life.

Elissar Ahmed

Student Officer

Get to Know Elissar
Elissar or Eli as we call her, is definitely one of a kind. She definitely acts like a 2 year old always laughing over the stupidest things. She is the most bright, smart and hard working person you will ever meet. Coming from a Lebanese origin, she is by far the most outgoing person ever. She will always tell you about her weird cravings for food. And don’t you dare insult her turkish series, trust me it won’t end well. Her presence always brings joy and brightness into the room. She is definitely the most hardworking person, and is always ready to give you a hand. She is always ready to hear you out, and always remains calm in stressful situations. Also, she always puts 110 percent no matter the assignment, and always creates something that was never seen before. Therefore, I am sure she is a great addition to the team. Eli is the most adventurous person and is always ready to have fun. And finally let’s not forget that she has the same name as Madame Elissar, but I suggest you never ask her for any help in math


Tamara Amir

Crisis Officer

Get to know Tamara
Tamara, Timmy, or Tim’s is one of the most loveable people you will ever meet , and for good reason! She makes the perfect friend. You need help in your last minute presentation , she’s there. You need advice ,she’s there. You’re in the middle of a breakdown and need a shoulder to cry on, she’s there. You need someone to fix your makeup ,she’s there. Don’t get me wrong, if you need to make a decision , she’s there being just as indecisive as you . But in all other ways , Tamara always shines wherever she is , her creativity along with her crazy energy make the best out of every possible situation. “She’s a shot of espresso” as her favorite person said. For all these reasons , I’m certain that Tamara will make a one of a kind crisis officer . I mean, running into rooms and screaming, the position was practically made for her . I can already see the looks on delegate’s faces when they read the amazing crises she comes up with. Moreover, I’m beyond excited for everyone to get to know the true potential of the Tamara I already know and love.

Khadija Hesham

Crisis Officer

Get to Know Khadija
Khadija, my first friend ever. Since we were 6, Khadija knew big words and used them occasionally with dumb toddlers. When my brother and I used to fight, she would interfere and usually take his side. I hated it so much. She was so casually reasonable that it got on my nerves as a kid. Although she seemed intelligent, she was also weird. She used to come over to my house, eat french fries, make popsicles, and leave. We would hang out, and eat chocolate-dipped strawberries and junk food until tante Rehab takes her home. Khadija’s the type of person that startles you with the creepiest and darkest piece of information during the oddest time. She’d say something so extremely scary that you won’t even know what to say. If she ever does, just pretend you’re zoned out and don’t answer. Regardless, Khadija’s the first person to come to mind when you need a real hug. The crisis officer position was modeled for Khadija, unpredictable as she is. Khadija works hard, you’ll need to reassure her sometimes because she’s an unsatisfied perfectionist. Blunt and sweet, creepy and comforting, awkward and social, that’s who Khadija is and how we’ve always loved her.


Fatema Mourad

Approval Panel

Get to Know Fatema
Fatouma touma ah will definitely be the song playing at my first dance. From the moment we got closer to now there’s nothing but chaotic main characters moments. You’re the life of the party and possibly my future inmate. From stuffing pizza in a plastic bag to literally being in debt together. It’s so hard imagining us not being friends cause who will I text every small business idea to or talk about my non-existent podcast with ? Who will go to the gym with me only to eat feteer after? Stalk my crushes and accidentally be present on their birthday? You’re also the only person who gets my taste and is always on the same page with me. We went from Writing trashy love songs to scripting Turkish movies. I loved being your background vocalist even when I sound like a dying cat. Or choreographing the next viral tik tok dance together. You’re the most supportive person I have ever seen, you would stick with me to every illogical hormones driven plan. I am not sure if I should cherish it or cut our friendship before one of us dies.. I’ll leave that up to you xoxo.

Yahya Abdelghaffar

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Get to Know Yahya
When you hear the name Yahya Abdelghaffar, the first thing that comes to your mind would be the nerd. However, if you stop for a second and focus on what he does and what he says, you’ll be completely astonished. Yahya is one of those whom you should take a minute to admire his personality. He’s basically a combination of knowledge, ambition, hard work, wisdom, kindness, and the list goes on. Yahya’s the one you always want by your side; his passion produces the highest quality work out of him. Once you get to know Yahya, you can literally talk to him about anything while feeling comfortable. Of course, speaking about Yahya, then, I shall not forget stating his generosity and kindness, which makes him a likable and respectable character. Having Yahya in your life makes you an extremely lucky person, and I’m so thankful to know him and to be his friend.

Jasmine Mourad

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Get to Know Jasmine
Jasmine is the kind of person to crack the worst joke with no shame. Worst sense of humor to ever exist, and you’ll still laugh. I have known Jasmine for 8 years and we still have no pictures together, which reflects how real our friendship is. Jasmine has the most delicate heart ever, she’ll cry when you cry without knowing the reason. Jasmine can spend a whole night calming you down and cheering you up. Talking with her will put your heart at ease. Jasmine will willingly sit with me and create Harry Styles pinterest boards without getting bored. She always knows how I feel with one look. Most indecisive person ever, the type of person to break down before an amazing vacation because she can’t pack her clothes. She has a full list of all kombarasat masr. She’s done a whole research on every single one of them. Me and Jasmine’s friendship is FaceTiming each other and creating the weirdest coffee frappuccinos. Jasmine is the kind of person that can sit with me for hours while I tell her about what Harry Styles fanfic I’m reading. She’ll always listen. Jasmine will never make you feel alone. She’ll always be there no matter what.

Lana Louai

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Get to Know Lana
Lanoun’s sweet smile is surely the first thing anyone notices about her. A smile that literally lights up any place. You look at Lana and you see a shy/calm person right? Wrong… I can assure you, Lana isn’t as shy as she looks. She is actually the most entertaining and energetic person you’ll ever meet 🙂 13 years of friendship in which I had the blessing to see her grow to this amazing, hard working and intelligent person. I don’t know how she does it, but in all situations she always knows the right thing to say and to do. Despite taking the FATTEST NAPS during Arabic to the point where we all start to question if she’s still conscious, she is the most diligent person you’ll ever meet. You give her a task, she does it with her full capacity and does it with passion. The most empathetic person to the point where she’ll cry with you even though she doesn’t know why you’re crying. Throughout our 13 years of sisterhood, I have never felt out of place when I’m with her. She makes everyone feel welcomed <3 Based on personal experience, I recommend you get a Lana ASAP!

Rawia Soliman

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Get to Know Rawia
Rawia is something else. Describing her in 200 words is honestly a job. No one has a stronger personality and appearance than her. In a crowd, she is definitely noticeable and likes to make her mark. She is always sticking up for herself and for the rights of others as well. Judgment doesn’t scare her and her confidence shines. When she puts her mind into something, nothing is going to stop her. No matter how many obstacles she faces, she always rises to the challenge. With her serious and hardworking side, she is still the most upbeat and cheerful person I know. She is the person who will guarantee you a good laugh even in tense times. It’s like the saying « she is the life of the party » was invented for her. She lightens up the mood in seconds. Over the years of knowing Rawia, she has never left my side. I know I can talk to her about anything while still feeling comfortable. Rawia will encourage and inspire you to reach your goals even if you feel like giving up. She will constantly remind you of how proud of you she is. When no one believes in you, she is the only person who does. Rawia is a true blessing in everyone’s lives and knowing her is a chance of a lifetime.


Yehia Islam

Usher Hospitality

Get to Know Yehia
Yahia, or as we all call him Youki. Our athletic king. Whenever someone asks me who’s the
the person that defines the word “gentleman” I always show them a picture of Yahia. Yahia is the
type of person who can turn your worst days into the best ones ever. He knows how to make fun
of people without being offensive. Yahia comes over just to sit with my family. Not to exaggerate, but Yahia is literally the funniest and sweetest person ever. I never had a biological brother, but Yahia became my brother. He was the first person to prove to me that real friends exist. Yahia is my home and I can’t spend my day without talking to him. He’s super competitive even though he never shows it and stubborn. Yahia doesn’t come to school on Tuesdays. He adores handball, yasmine sabri and himself. He even wanted me to name my own dog Youki. Yahia has been the closest person to me for the past few years and I’m accidentally becoming a second version of him. Youki, this team is lucky to have you and I am sure that you’ll be one of the main reasons why people will have fun during these conferences.

Youssef EL Essawy

Usher Administration

Get to Know Youssef
Essawy or as he loves to be called “big ess” the most unique person you will ever meet. Essawy is a very supportive person with some values that don’t change, he really values his friends, family and sport. You can see how much he loves and values his sport with the amount of achievements he made. In any problem you’re facing he’s the type of person that is always there for you, no matter what. Even when he is at his lowest, he would still try to make people happy. Essawy he has the purest heart and he’s a very sociable person, he is the most genuine, honest, and sincere person you will ever meet. I am very glad to have him in my life.