Yehia Bahei

Deputy Secretary General


Get to know Yehia

Describing Yehia, or should I say Biho in 200 words, is so hard, from our executive team jokes “tawa7od el dowal el Arabiya” to our tahyis nights on zoom. He’s a very compassionate person who cares about everyone around him. He always uses jokes in dire situations to make you feel better. Yehia is a hard-working person; I am so happy to have the opportunity to get to know him; we have gotten closer and closer since we started the team. Every conversation with him will always turn into a fascinating discussion. When he sets a goal in mind, he will consistently achieve it, whatever anything happens. He is always here to help me in Chimie classes when I don’t attend; that shows how much he cares about you. Yehia, thank you for everything. I’m happy that you are the Deputy secretary-general of OISMUN 15 and can’t wait to achieve and do the best conferences with you. We will continue making more jokes and writing them on the executive team board until we finally leave our positions. I wouldn’t want to imagine having my last OIsMUN team experience with someone else.

Jana Waleed

Secretary General


Get to know Jana

Writing about JONJOUN for the second time is one of the things that make me feel very blessed. She most definitely did not change since last year however, the only thing that did changed is the fact that she is no longer a student officer. Now, she is our SECRETARY GENERAL. Jana is the type of person you could never get bored of. When you need help, you can always count on her to be there for you. Being side by side with her and through thick and thin was such an eye opener for me as it led me to discover more about who she actually is and how she’s always down to earth Without a doubt, I can proudly say that she is the most suitable person for what she is pursuing. Not only that but She is also very organized in her life even though she is the secretary general and an International Baccalaureate student (especially while doing medicine). Maintaining being organized is very difficult, but with a personality like hers and her amazing management skills, she was able to show everyone that anything is possible. Jana is the kind of person who can encourage you anytime. Moreover, when she sets her mind on a goal, she achieves it no matter the possible complications she may come across. She is the type of person who loves to take on challenges which make her personality distinctive and unique. Where this persona of hers attract everyone around her. To sum up, she is one of the most sympathetic and sweetest people you will ever meet and believe me when I say this, while you’re getting to know Jana, you will realize that you always want her around and you’ll find her company and energy simply outstanding

Nour Amir

Deputy Secretary General


Get to know Nour

Nour, the most unique person you will ever meet. Maybe also the most childish which is judged based on her strange, unconditional love for the color pink and purple and her colorful hair accessories. But don’t let this cute description fool you; because when you get on her nerves… It’s your very deep end. As much as I sound exaggerating right now, Nour is the most emotionally strong person I have ever met. Which compliments my personality and makes her relationship with anyone extremely “cozy”? She is the type of person to make you feel at home wherever you are, this is because of how comfortable it is to be around this beautiful soul. Since I’m helping you get to know Nour, she would kill me if I forgot to mention her cats, they mean the ABSOLUTE world to her. Nour is one of the few people who will walk up to you if you look down just to give you a ‘I’m here for you’. Don’t let all this sweetness and tenderness make you forget how determined and serious she can get, so you better stay on her good side. Nour, every journey with you is a heart-warming one.

MUN Directors

Ahmed Hussein


Christian Cornec


Fatma Hussein


Ziyad Aboushair

Advisory & Coordination Board

Salma Hatem

Executive Advisor


Get to know Salma

To our bestest EAC, this is not just a “get to know you letter” but also a thank you letter. Souma is a kind and caring individual who will make sure you’re feeling okay. There’s no better example of this than her saying “Houda taba3i” every time anyone has wronged me. I will never get tired of the endless amount of photos of her cat she sends. Her work ethic is next to extraordinary and her dedication to MUN insurmountable. Having to work side by side to Salma has been an honor and an amazing experience. Since starting to work with her I learned a lot from her, from learning how to pet cats to how to handle a tough situation she seemingly has endless wisdom and positivity to give round. She is somewhat magically able to make any stressed out person calm. I remember her helping me prepare for our interviews to apply for the first time in the OISMUN team. I was so stressed that day but she was still able to make me calm down and focus. The whole OISMUN team has to thank you. Thank you so much for everything you have done to both the executive team and me

Mahmoud Shady

Executive Advisor


Get to know Mahmoud

Mahmoud, Houda or “Regl El Hout aw Regl El Fil” as I used to call him years back.
I’ll never stop starting our calls again with my famous “Bonjour”. Don’t get fooled by how he might look, but Mahmoud is the type of person who can eat a “Grand Share Box” and never feel full. Honestly speaking, he is one of the most committed, passionate, and hard-working person you’ll ever meet. He would die for a debate. Never debate with him because either you lose, or you’ll be debating forever. All jokes aside, he’s the type of person you can rely on. He’s a very ambitious person and specially when it comes to MUN, his engagement makes each and every team member engaged. Despite the fact that he always complains about schoolwork, but his intelligence never ceases to impress us all. Moreover, when you think of narcissism, his name comes on top of the list, but having him around makes the atmosphere 10x better and funnier. His presence in the team is definitely an addition and on behalf of the whole team, I can say that we’re all lucky to share our last OISMUN experience with him.

Organization Team

Hussein Hesham

Vice-Head of the Organisation team


Get to know Hussein

Red cheeks. The first thing you might notice about Hussein, but i wish you could see all of his qualities at first glance… Admirable, supportive, being the life of the party are just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes, Hussein may appear as shy because he’s quiet : wrong. He is quiet while listening to everyone speaking and you may never know what his brilliant mind is conducting. And the best perks of being friends is that you get your own nickname. Mine is Tweety <3 Don’t get me started on his laugh, he is a true happy Virus 🙂 His laugh is so contagious that it’s difficult for both of us to stay serious, and I will miss you during History class (traitor). Working with Hussein has taught me that reaching for the stars is not impossible, it’s just the start. He is the true definition of “working alone gets you done fast but working together gets you to the farthest point”, teamwork without Hussein is like a galaxy without its planets; that’s why he is a valuable asset to the team and a valuable person to me. To more memories together…

Sara Zakzouk

Head of the Organisation team


Get to know Sara


For the second year in a row i end up writing for you:) Sarsour most loving person anyone can meet. Although she may freak out and freak you out with her, she will still manage to be the one to calm you down. Sara is one of the most caring people and looks after people around her, so if you find yourself deep in trouble you know you can call her. She’s always happy and radiates joyful energy wherever she goes, that is why i am sure she is going to create the funnest team dynamic. She’s also one of the most hardworking people i know, when she sets her mind to do something, she is always able to achieve it. She’s the person you run to when you’re panicking or crying (or atleast i do), she will always be their to comfort you with her almonds. She will also make sure you don’t leave without a smile on your face and in that case a happy stomach. Warning: she may laugh at you for crying or even find you crying cute. Weird. Anyways to sum it all up, sara is essential in every person’s life, you may not know it but we all need her fun spirit around and especially her random loud screams 🙂 Love you sarsour.

Zeina Essam

Vice-Head of the Organisation team


Get to know Zeina

Zouzii girl, our party animal, the kind of person that owns 18 dogs and hates 17 of them. I know she might seem a little bit intimidating at first, but deep down she’s the most caring, lovable, enthusiastic person you’ll ever meet. You will get surprised of how much zeina can handle, she’s able to handle so many things (which I am sure a normal human being could breakdown from) and that’s what makes her special. It’s ironic how two people could be so close despite the way we started. You can’t even imagine how much we hated each other for literally no reason, and now we’re leading a whole team together. Despite zoz’s stubbornness, ego and her getting on my last nerve, she’s always the person you should go to when you’re feeling nervous or on the verge of breaking down. You can’t get enough of the zeina’s head kisses when she upsets you, honestly I can’t stay mad at her after. She’s the type of person who’s willing to do anything with you unless it involve excels, at that point she’s out. Zouzii’s laugh fixes anything, also you’ll have to see her face when she doesn’t understand chemistry or as she says “ana gali error”. Despite her drinking 5 or more Turkish coffees a day, she still manages to sleep like a baby, I don’t even know how. Never attack billie in front of her, she won’t talk to you ever again, trust me. Before I end this letter I have to mention zeina’s very very weird meal which is rice with bessela and yogurt, it may be the most disgusting thing to hear yet surprisingly she loves it so much, don’t even ask. Too many more boba bel olass trips and endless zoom concerts love you bestie.

Amina El Shazly

Head of Administration


Get to Know Amina

Describing my Amonzi briefly will be very hard since she has many good qualities that are both visible once you meet her and very precious once you get close to her. First of all, she is an amazingly hard worker determined to put in all her effort to reach her goals. It is admirable how she balances all she has to do in a very organized manner. Other than being the school’s horse girl, she has a very positive spirit in making all situations lively and fun; she will always try to brighten up your day and lift your mood and always succeed in doing it. But, if she is in a bad mood or sleepy, stay away. Throughout our nine years of friendship, Amina has proven to be the most caring and selfless person you could encounter. She is always understanding in times of trouble and will always look out for you and make sure you are okay; you can surely be 100% comfortable in her presence. Having her by your side could be one of the best blessings you’ll get, as I’m so lucky to have her as a best friend.

Joudy Mito

Vice-Head of Administration


Get to know Joudy

Joudy is without a doubt the liveliest person I’ve ever met, she’s always here to cheer you up, even on her worst days. Her amazing set of qualities set her apart from everyone else. She always lights up any place she enters with her outgoing soul and energetic attitude. Nothing could be funnier than her 24/7 “AYY” whenever she moves. Having her around brings joy and laughter. Going through this year’s hardships together, the only thing that made it easier was her “hat3ady”. She always has this energy that makes everyone around her happy. She never gives up and always finds her way through everything. I assure you having joudy in this conference will always bring us optimism, because of her bubbly personality. Jousy is the kind of person that you can talk to for hours and hours and never get bored, not to mention her obsession with babies. She always supports everyone around her, and trust me she’s the best listener ever, she’s the person whom you can always always depend on. Let me assure you jousy will make this conference 100x memorable, and I’m thankful we get to go through this experience together. 

Yassin Tharwat

Vice-Head of Administration


Get to know Yassin

Sino, we’ve been together through thick and thin and now, we’re both in the team and we’re both main aspects of the team. I’m sure that you’ll give everything you have for the team, and you will always be motivating your department and working hard with them. Even though your department makes you always occupied, I’ll never doubt that you’ll be always offering a helping hand for the rest of the departments. On a personal level, I’m glad that you are part of the team and I’m expecting a lot from you “Super Man”. We played together in the school’s team, and we won the third place. I’m sure we will never forget our memories in Gouna and Sahel. We were always with each other and will always ISA. You made my last experience as a delegate much better. Never forget when we were arguing with the rest of the committee in order to kick India out of the committee and we finally managed to kick her out. I hope we both do our best to help the team and play a role in the success of the 3 conferences, and to have the best last 2 years with each other at the school

Dima Maged

Regulation Coordinator


Get to know Dima

Domdom, a walking ray of sunshine. She is the type of girl that brightens any room she enters and is dedicated to making each person around her burst out laughing. Mima will always stay by your side no matter what, the perfect example of “salka”. What’s special about Dima is knowing how to use her creativity in her work. Although she’s the stupidest person I know, she’s somehow extremely dedicated, when it comes to work, she accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to. I’ve known Dima since grade 4, yet she never fails to surprise me with comments that make absolutely no sense. You can count on her to comfort each team member in any stressful situation, she will probably crack a joke and laugh before they do. Dima is extremely reliable and is always trying to make everyone around her happy. She might be a big bully with no filter, but she has a heart made of gold and is the sweetest girl ever, besides, her bully skills come in handy when she’s cheering you up! Domdom isn’t just a person you’d want in your life, she’s a person you need, a true friend, a distinguished girl, and a hardworking team member!

Laila Gouda

Financial Coordinator


Get to Know Laila

Even though I’ve recently been friends with Laila, she’s the type of person you feel you’ve known for a while. Laila is a very welcoming person which makes you automatically feel comfortable around her. She’s one of the most chill, humble and down to earth people I’ve met and working with her goes smoothly without trouble. One thing I will never understand about Laila is how she manages to stay calm in stressful situations, her coldness can get to the point where it’s almost annoying however, I find that fascinating about her. When you’re around her, you should stay on alert from her over dramatic-ness that kicks in randomly and she screams out of nowhere for the silliest reasons and gives you a heart attack. Something you should know about her is of course her iconic “chipmunk” laugh that always cheers you up no matter the situation. Our math and physics higher level champion is by far one of the most passionate debaters I’ve met which is why working with her in last year’s MUN committee feel exciting. You can ask for her help in literally anything but, give her time to process because she’s probably “lessa betgama3”. 

Karim Nashed

Head of IT and Design


Get to Know Karim

Karim, never have I ever met a person with such a self-contradicting personality. The one that either doesn’t talk at all or just wouldn’t shut up. The one that eats way too much junk food for such a healthy body. The one who never studies yet somehow always expects the final grade. The one who hasn’t got the slightest clue of what goes on around him yet would randomly pitch in random life facts into any conversation, no matter the topic. The one who insists on knowing at what time we’ll be meeting just so he’d arrive late. The one who never answers his phone but you know is there for you. I’ve known Karim since kindergarten. He was the first friend I made when I came to school and is now one of my closest friends. I can honestly say that he is one of the kindest, most passionate, purest-hearted people you will ever meet. From starting out as admins together, to finally finishing the line of OISMUN experience as members of the team side by side. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Yahia Waleed

Head of IT


Get to Know Yahia

Yahia Waleed is a man of little words and a lot of action. If you don’t know Yahia personally, you would think he’s a timid person, but hidden beneath that fake mask is a very friendly, reliable guy. As a matter of fact, Yahia can be considered an outgoing workaholic who strives to improve himself constantly. He’s the type of guy that would ace a test and would consider it a walk in the park. He’s the type of guy that would be calm in any given situation, unaffected by difficulties, he possesses the composure of a Tibetan monk. The amount of effort he puts into his work is both terrifying and crazy and it’s always a privilege to have him as part of your team. He’s the one you call in the middle of the night freaking out because you didn’t start your assignment, knowing he’s got your back (based on a true story). He’s one of the fewest people who can actually handle any sort of situation. Despite his being this drought of energy, whenever he works on a task, he makes sure to complete it perfectly and devotes his entirety into it. He is without a doubt, one of the most trustworthy and determined people out there.

Tamara El Dessouki

Head of Design


Get to know Tamara

Describing Tamara in 200 words is hard, if not impossible. I could go on about her for hours since she has so many sides to her personality. For many years, I had only seen Tamara’s projected personality, like everyone sees her, so cheerful, fun, and goofy. However, in a very small period, she grew to be more than a sister to me. I’ve learned so much about Tamara in the short time we’ve been close, and I can confidently say she’s one of the most remarkable individuals I’ve ever encountered. I discovered she’s the strongest person I’ve ever met, always managing to put a smile on her face and the faces of those around her, no matter what’s happening. She’s extremely kind-hearted and pure, and she’ll always be there to listen to her friends rant in the middle of the night because that’s how much she cares about the people around her. If I want someone to be down to do anything with me, be goofy and crazy with, I always turn to Tamara. To summarize everything, Tamara is one of the most amazing people, and I am lucky to have her as I’m sure anyone else would too.

Laila El Gendy

Head of Ceremonies and Events

Get to know Laila

Describing Laila or as I like to call her tweety in 200 words or less, has to be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. Laila, one of my longtime friends, has been by her side since forever in school. Laila is one of the purest and kindest hearts in the team, you will never find her being mean to someone. Tweety is a very hard-working and dedicated person to work with. She always cheers you up and flips your mood 360 degrees. By knowing Laila you’ll know that she has one of the strongest personalities. Having laila around makes the atmosphere 10 times better, funnier and more enjoyable. She knows how to put her creativity and hard-work into her tasks. Laila is one of the most charismatic people I know, along with many core qualities that I can’t be able to fit in one paragraph. She is the most energetic person you’ll ever meet. You can always count on laila and she will have your back no matter what. Laila is the complete package that will make this OSIMUN unforgettable.

Nayera El Messiry

Head of Ceremonies


Get to know Nayera

Nouny or as i call her nouna, shortest most incredible person you could ever meet. Nayera is definitely the most dedicated and hard working person I know. I’ve known Nayera for a very long time and let me tell you, no room is ever complete without her noisy little screams when something doesn’t go her way. Nayera and I have known each other for a very long time, ever since kindergarten, being together in the same class and bus for the past 13 years have made me know Nayera very well and let me tell you she is an amazing person to work and build a friendship with, which is why I think she is the perfect aspect to have in this year’s organization team. When she sets her mind to something, she’ll undoubtedly perfect it. Don’t mistake Nayera for her short height, she can surprise you with how much energy she has in that little body of hers. The fact that you thought I was a teddy bear when you first heard my name will forever be iconic. All in all anyone would be very lucky to work with Nayera and get to see her creative side, knowing Nayera is definitely a blessing.

Mariam El Zoghby

Head of Ceremonies


Get to know Mariam

Mariam is the most lovable person I’ve met. A bundle of joy really!! She’s been through a lot but no matter what happens she will always push through. Which makes her the strongest person I know. She is the most creative and enthusiastic person ever. Which makes her a great asset to the team .She’s the most caring, lovable and down-to-earth person you’ll ever meet. Whenever you feel lost, mariam is the right person to go to, she always knows what to say and she tries her best to make you feel better about yourself. definitely one of the most outgoing people I’ve ever met in my life! Throughout our 6 years of sisterhood she never once let me down, whenever I’m facing any type of problem I know that mariam is the person to turn to. Her family is mine. She’s the funnest person to be around. At first she may seem rude or closed off but I promise once you get to know her you’ll love her. always making me feel comfortable, special but mostly loved around you, Marioumaa you are the one person who can relate to me like no other. I love love You!!

Marina Farid

Head of Events


Get to know Marina

The Marina to our Lavista !!!!! Marina and I became friends in KG2 and have been together ever since. Mano is by far the most stubborn person I have ever met, yet she is also the friendliest.She makes an effort to find the good in everything that happens around her. She is the type of friend who would cry for the stupidest reasons ever. Marina tries to stand out in every situation, but that’s what makes her special and lovable. She has never failed to be there for anyone who needs her; she is both strong and dumb. Whenever it comes to work, Marina works incredibly hard to succeed in her life and does everything she can to make herself proud. Marina is enchanting, clever, and stunning. She often talks about her math grades, proving that gorgeous girls are the smartest. She has the ability to turn any situation into a joke and laugh about it. Marina has always been an important part of my life and will always be there for me. Marina is a valuable member of my family as well as this team. so if you definitely don’t have a marina in your life go get one!

George Joseph

Head of Hospitality


Get to know George

George or as my favorite nickname to call him Georgina. He is one of my closest friends and I can proudly call him my brother. He is everyone’s go to and the bestest friend ever. Further, I can confidently say that George is the kindest and most caring person you will ever get to know, without a doubt he has been by everyone’s side, he’s the most reliable, the person you can count on anytime and anywhere, moreover whenever you need something he’s the first to show up. He never fails to exceed everyone’s expectations especially when it comes to kick boxing (our future champion). As cliché as this sounds but he is extremely strong and hardworking, he’s the type of person you immediately love and feel comfortable with within five minutes of getting to know him. A known secret keeper and lowkey, the best listener, the ideal representation of a persistent, pure hearted and genuine person. He’s also known for being “the peacemaker” and “the wisest” in every argument. Lastly, he’s one of the most important assets of the team, just as in everyone’s lives.

Yassin Nour

Head of Catering


Get to Know Yassin

Describing Yassin in just 200 words has got to be one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Although me and Yassin are not that close, Yassin is one of the funniest people faridever. His vibes and energy are unmatched. Wherever he goes, people are always laughing and smiling. He’s the kind of person that lights up the room, and he brings the best out of people. Other than his amazing personality, he is an extremely hard worker, he always puts 100% of his energy and focus to achieve a task. He’s such a considerate, cooperative, and helpful person. Whenever you’re working with Yassin you’ll get the perfect mix of fun, laughter, hard work, and enthusiasm. He’ll always be there for you, and make you smile. He is such an amazing person, and an even more amazing caterer. Working with Yassin might just be one of the best experiences you might have. It is extremely fun when he is around, his light-hearted personality, and his hard work and dedication guarantee you a good company.

Dahab El Hanbaly

Head of Catering


Get to Know Dahab

“Dahab is… very unique, to say the least. In our 6 years of friendship, I have had the joy of watching her personality and character develop. Her gamut of qualities and her wide range of understanding in different hobbies make her a very fun to be around and easy to start a conversation with. Dahab is a very interesting person to talk to, she is the kind of person you can talk to about the deepest theories of the universe. And the next moment, you could be talking about “is cereal actually a soup”. But in all seriousness when determined and passionate about a subject she completes the job with excellent quality.That’s why she was the best candidate for catering . With Dahab, you don’t have to worry about how you act or making an impression because she is adaptable and approachable and very open to new people. She is very kind and funny, and a great friend. She’s been by my side for many years, and we’ve had our ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world “

Farida Afia

Head of Security and Transportation


Get to Know Farida

As a person who owns 2 cats and a dog , farida is most known for her bombing energy, she’s the white dot in the black, always there to cheer you up. With one eye contact ,she can make you burst from laughter. She’s the savior in every situation, the batman in the room. Probably the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet, not to mention her terrible “alashat” ( that only SHE laughs at). She’s the electricity in the room , and wherever she goes, euphoria and joyfulness go. Our social butterfly and most confident person you’ll ever meet. She’s the “ill do it” friend . Not scared of ANYTHING. She’s the person you’d go to for guidance and advice. Dida is the savior in all situations , the kind of person to have the things you forgot to get. She is a friend with THE bag. The only advice I’d give you is to avoid getting on her nerves ,and don’t be blinded by her barbie looks, she can become the hulk within a blink of an eye. The best and most fun person to be around . You should count yourself as the luckiest to have her in your life. Love you so much dida! 

Hussein Agamawi

Head of Security and Transportation


Get to Know Hussein

As someone who hadn’t known Agamawy for long, I was impressed by how unique he is from the moment we met. Hussein is the most genuine, honest, and sincere person you will ever meet. He’s the type of person that is always there for you, no matter what. Even when he is at his lowest, he would still try to make people happy. Hussein exemplifies the definition of a “party animal”. After getting to know him, I realized that he’s an amazing friend. Despite his tough personality, he has the purest heart and he’s a very sociable person. He’s one of those people you could put your trust in blindfolded. He is the type of person that will give his all in anything he undertakes. I can’t picture anyone else working in the Transportation department but him; it’s a wonderful fit for him. He always wants what is best for people. In addition to all of that, he’s one of the strongest people I know, he has the capability of working under stress and he is the funniest ever. To the coldest person I know and our waterpolo champ, you undoubtedly brighten people’s life, therefore be true to yourself :)!!

Salma Haitham

Head of Media


Get to Know Salma

Salma the mom, the one that reminds you to wear your mask and wash your hands. trying to stop myself from saying this because it’s so cliche BUT SHE’S THE PRETTIEST GIRL, WHO HAS THE PRETTIEST SMILE AND THE CUTEST LAUGH EVER. Jealous of her kids’ life from now, they’ll most probably be the most spoiled kids ever, the gossip sessions are never as spicy as when she’s around, if i were you, i would be scared of the amount of information that she knows about most of you. She’ll never in her life fail to get you any information about literally anyone, she could be the most successful investigator, very important tip from me to you, NEVER AND I REPEAT NEVER TALK TO HER THE DAY OR THE DAY BEFORE AN EXAM!!! she’ll get you so so nervous, and then she’ll be so relaxed and will talk to you as if you’re crazy that you’re even worried about such a silly thing. This always ends up with us laughing and crying at the same time. Finally, if you ever need a babysitter, you know exactly who to call. Everyone needs of a salma in their life

Jannah Ahmed

Journalist Administrator


Get to Know Jannah

IIt’s difficult to put into words what an incredible, kind and supportive person Jannah is. but having known her for years now, I can assure you that she is the most incredible, most incredible, compassionate and loving person you will ever meet. Jannah is the kind of person who will help you make decisions, soothe you and energize you. When she is around, you always feel safe, which makes you feel appreciated and at ease. She is also fun to be around. because she’s so lively. Jannah has a great personality. She assists people in all aspects of their lives. Jannah has an exceptional ability to make people smile and console them when they are not feeling well. She is a model of devotion Jannah’s creativity and originality may surprise you. She is a compassionate and encouraging person. I admire her positivity; she constantly emits wonderful energy when she is around. She is a responsible, hardworking and generous person. Jannah is constantly driven and motivating when she is doing something she admires, which spreads positive energy and encourages others to work with her cheerfully. But, if you want my advice, don’t wake her up when she’s sleeping, otherwise she’ll be furious.

Alia Mardini

Journalist Adminstrator


Get to Know Alia

Alia will be there for you on your best and worst days, and she’ll make them both better. Her soft but bold personality is what makes her such an easy-going person. Regardless of the fact that she can argue for 5 hours with a 12 year old kid, she will manage to make every journalist’s experience the best they’ve ever had. If you leave Alia in a room full of strangers for 5 minutes, she might’ve already told them her life story, traumas and future plans. But don’t let this fool you, she’s the opposite of naive. Despite her bubbly personality, Alia is a real-life version of a lie detector, and knows TOO much. When we’re trying to speak french in front of a non-french-speaker (despite being in a french school for 10 years, she’ll claim “she doesn’t understand a word we’re saying”. She’ll spend 10 minutes laughing before cracking the worst joke you will ever hear. Alia’s the type of person to call you on an exam night just to ask you what nail polish color to put (based on real life events), but we absolutely love it to be honest. 

Malak Marwan

Photography Administrator


Get to know Malak

“You’re not best friends if at some point you didn’t hate each other”. Iconic right? Sounds so cliché, but it’s actually not doable to describe Malak in 200 words only. She’s someone who I can relate to like no other. Someone I can laugh with to no extent yet someone i can cry to when times are rough. Malak proved how strong and loyal of a person she is all along our bumpy friendship. Malak’s straightforwardness is what highlights her, she’s the literal meaning of “el feh albaha ala lesanha” and that’s what makes her special and the first person I go to for her opinion. We can go days and days without talking but i know for a fact that I’ll always find her when I need her. Malak might seem intriguing at first but it’s just her creepy staring I swear. Malak is reliable and very easy to talk to, the lovable friend that’s always there for you no matter what. She’s the team member you can count on to cheer you up. Once Malak sets her mind to something she will do it no matter what. So many tears, laughter and fights we’ve come along and have much farther to go. Love you Mooki.

Hana Khaled

Photography Administrator


Get to know Hana

Hana is the person that will never fail to make you laugh. When you’re at your most stressed point, worried that your OISMUN photo might not turn out nice, Hana is here to comfort you and make sure you look amazing. At first, I wasn’t close to Hana, but I discovered how caring and kind she is when I got to know her. For instance, Hana’s the person to bake brownies for the WHOLE team on the night of an important exam. Oh, and speaking of brownies, she for sure makes the tastiest brownies ever! Not only is she giving and thoughtful, but she’s also one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. She’s always ready to crack a joke that will quickly lighten the mood up. Hana looks at the cup half full, and it is without a doubt that when things get tough, she will still have a positive approach and add her funny touch. Hana spreads the best vibes in every room she sets foot in, and her ability to collaborate with others is quite remarkable. So Hana, keep being the outgoing person you are; never change the beautiful smile and kind heart you hold. 

Sama Haitham

Head of Marketing


Get to Know Sama

The prettiest team member. Sama is a stunning creation that will make any place shine. There’s never a dull moment around her, she will give you all the crazy ideas. You can count on her opinion, because of her unique style. She’ll support you with her love when you ask for help. Her stories and adventures never end, and her life’s entertaining to listen to. She’s our drama queen, but with honesty, she is godsent to everyone. She’s the sweetest with the purest heart. Never hesitate to reach out to her, she will always put you first and give you all her love.

I appreciate many things about her, she’s a strong, helpful person, she’ll stay with you when you’re happy or sad. She’s the greatest treasure in our life, Sama can give you a heart attack with her cries, but she’s also the kindest and funniest person, you won’t stop laughing when she’s around, Sama’s a pro when it comes to coming up with scenarios and she’ll impress you with her special scenarios. She’s a hardworking girl who tries very hard and manages to work under pressure, that’s why I love Sama PRETTIEST SMILE EVER.

Laila Mostafa

Social media Administrator


Get to Know Laila

LAILAAAAAAAA, it’s very hard to describe laila in 200 words only. Let me begin by telling you that laila is the kindest and most supportive person ever. Before I knew her I thought she was the most selfish and arrogant person. After I got to know her I was extremely surprised by her humbleness. Besides that if you want to find a good listener, Laila is the one to go to, she will listen to you carefully and she will try her best to give you the best and appropriate advice to solve your problem. In addition she is a good friend, you can count on her in anything also she has an amazing way to calm people down if they are full of anger, the kind of friend that will always be there for you and by your side. But let me just tell you about the beauty of her eyes, I just can’t describe them. Laila is the girl who spreads a lot of positive energy. I guarantee she will never fail to motivate you. And whenever it comes to something she wants she will put all her efforts into it. And yes laila “shaklek helw awi” . OUR FUTURE PSYCHOLOGIST

Habiba Elwi

Social media Administrator


Get to know Habiba

Writing this paragraph is certainly one of the hardest tasks I’ve been asked to do, since Habiba can make a joke out of literally anything. But let me start by telling you that Habiba is one of the most charismatic, kindest, and hard working people, with many more qualities that can’t fit in only one paragraph. As weird as it sounds, but Habiba and I started off hating each other, we were literally competing in everything in class. Don’t let her shyness fool you, believe me i fell into the trap at first.Behind that shy little girl, is a noisy, funny and active girl, i was surprised with. Her presence and jokes in the room will always cheer you up. You just need to actually get to know her to understand that side of hers. I have been her classmate for 7 years, she really made every class 10x funnier, she is extremely fun to be around. Not only this but she’s totally supportive in every aspect of life. That is why Habiba is a very beneficial add to the OISMUN XV’s organization team. She will be totally open and friendly with everyone in and out the team.

Hayat Ahmed

Head of Sponsoring


Get to know Hayat

Hayat may seem like your typical shy, quiet and introverted girl at first, but once you get to actually know her, you’ll soon realize how wrong you were. She has the purest of hearts and cares the most, and that is something I admire a lot about her. She is extremely committed and dedicated, not only when it comes to work, but in almost everything she does. Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to actually get to work with her that much, I know she can be undoubtedly reliable and dependable. Her pure energy never fails to light up the room. She has an incomprehensible obsession with Turkish series that has gotten to the point where it’s actually becoming more and more concerning. She can go on about her Turkish celebrity crushes for hours and hours without ever getting tired of it. Her positive mindset always encourages others and makes it a delight to be around her. Hayat is the most charismatic and understandable of people, so never be afraid to approach her. She is literally the sweetest and is definitely a great addition to this year’s team.

Karima Khaled

Head of Sponsoring


Get to know Karima

Karima, one of the funnest, cutest, most hardworking, supportive people you could be around. She is one of the closest people to my heart and the one I love the most. She is the reason why you can do anything in life, she’s always here by your side no matter what . karima is one of the strongest girls i know, one of the girls that you could feel free talking to because you won’t ever feel judged by her, you could always be yourself around her, she won’t ever let you feel down because she’s going to comfort you and make you feel the best in this whole world. I can’t truly list all of our unforgettable memories but at least I could say my favorite: “sahel days”. Besides all that, she’s the type of girl who you could trust easily and feel the happiest around her, as cliché as it sounds but she’s one of the best, most powerful, caring and unique girls i’ve ever met. Finally, I truly appreciate this girl and a 200 word paragraph won’t ever describe her but if you got the time to hear her “voice note jokes” at 1 AM you will be able to tell so much about her.

Nour Sameh

Head of Admins


Get to Know Nour

NOUZII, describing her in 200 words is really a challenge, she is the most cheerful, beautiful, marvelous and the most important thing is that she is a really hard worker. A quality I find most intriguing about her is her selflessness. Being around Nour means never being bored, she will always assure that you’re having fun. Nour has the ability to turn a boring outing into a memorable and enjoyable one. Her ability to brighten up any place she goes with her energy is totally normal. She is the girl with a baby heart, who can cry anywhere and anytime, she has the biggest and most generous heart of gold. She is the girl who has boundaries, but she knows how to deal with everyone without crossing them, and that is the thing I love most about her. I can guarantee that she will be the spirit of the team since she is the most hyper, most caring and lovely person ever. NOUZII is a true blessing in everyone’s life and I am truly blessed to have such a strong and kind person in my life. And she has a smile that can light up the whole town. ps: be careful, she is a swiftie.


Mostafa Omar

Vice-Head of Admins


Get to Know Mostafa

Mostafa -or as I call him, Beshbesher -the team’s football star. I think it’s impossible to describe Mostafa in less than 200 words, his uncountable qualities and unique personality make the job of writing this letter extremely hard. You’ve probably seen Mostafa before, scoring countless goals from impossible angles or dribbling across an entire team. However, Mostafa is known for many things other than his amazing football skills, such as his kindness, his generosity, and his joyful personality. Mostafa is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet, you’ll always be dying of laughter around him as he’ll probably be cracking a joke or telling a funny story. Mostafa’s humorous side doesn’t stop him from being serious about his work, his work ethic and dedication are a thing to marvel at as he won’t stop working until he reaches his goals and is satisfied, which you can see especially through his love for football. Mostafa is the most dedicated athlete I’ve ever seen, his passion towards the sport and readiness to work for his countless achievements is truly remarkable. Personally, I couldn’t wish for a friend as supportive as Mostafa, and I am truly honored to share my last OISMUN experience with him.

Mariam Talaat

Vice-Head of Admins


Get to Know Mariam

Mariam is the most vibrant person I’ve ever met; she brings energy into each place she enters. She’s the kind of person who dances all over the place no matter where she goes. She adores children, she is responsible for the admins department, however, you’d think she’s of the admins if you didn’t know her. Even though I’ve known Mariam for more than 11 years, describing her is so hard, but let’s say that she’s the kind of person who could sit in front of Netflix for days and not get bored, that’s why she watched every movie and show on it. She takes the work that is assigned to her, especially the power-point presentations, very seriously. She knows how to turn boring school work into fun. She is the most unique person I know; she knows nothing about procrastination, I don’t think she has done it before unlike everybody else, yet she hates being an organized person. There is NOBODY in the world who despises or is traumatized by math more than Mariam. Mariam aspires to become a TV host, but she’s also very passionate about fashion design. And trust me, she’s the most fun person to be around.

Student Officers

Amina el Kaliouby

Student Officer

Get to Know Amina

If you are feeling down or need a laugh, call Amina. When someone says “tall and crazy”, only Amina comes to mind. Her presence brings joy and brightness in any room she enters. Amina is very passionate, caring, dedicated and truly one of the most diligent people you could ever meet, always performing with her utmost abilities. Being limited to 200 words to talk about her is really a struggle. Being a Gemini is one of Amina’s personality traits, and the main reason for our bond as we’re both Geminis. Amina’s the type of person whom you can talk with endlessly about MUN, her passion to always embarrass people on the podium scares me. She is the kind of person who would rather have endless food than a million dollars, a person you can share anything with -except her green apples-. She is the most adventurous person you will ever meet and always ready for anything. Amina has numerous qualities and is a driving force in all areas. Finally, my favorite thing about Amina is her empathy, which helps you become the best version of yourself knowing that she will always support you in every way. Finally, Amina, please never stop being the best “Just Dance” partner there is.

Amir Amir

Student Officer

Get to Know Amir

Amir, I respect and admire you so much. You have a very good personality and you’re friendly with both your friends and people you don’t know (from personal experience). Because I’m new this year , I can tell you, with great certainty, that you are a clearly trustful person and you make people happy. When I came this year you were always by my side helping me whenever I needed help, even though you had yet to get to know me. you would text me every day whenever I was frantically looking for answers to explain to me something. To me , you are a very good friend and I hope that we continue to be friends. You are one of the smartest people that I have ever met and you are as talented in your word as you are with your pen. For that, I greatly admire you. To finish, I want to tell you that I am very happy that you are in my life and so proud of you. I wish you the best and I will always be there for you if you need any help and wish you the best of luck in your life. Before ending, I want to tell you that without you and without your help the students and especially me could not have achieved anything. For that we are all thankful.

George Avgoustiadis

Student Officer

Get to Know George

If you want to describe him, the first three words that come to your mind are: Charming, Diligent and Adventurous. Adding to those: the hardest name to pronounce in the history of École Oasis 🙂 He is Yorgo Avgoustiadis, one of a kind if I may describe him. Charming, of course coming from Greek and Lebanese origins, he is by far a charming and good looking person. He has a “magic” effect that makes people like him. Diligent, he does his work carefully and cares about the details. A perfectionist if I may say, if you work with him on a project, rest assured you will get one of the strongest projects there is. Adventurous, Yorgo likes doing new and different things. He is the real “Go Getter”. Yorgo is the one you’d love to join in an outing, practice sports with, study and do projects with. Adding to all that he is a true artist, a talented pianist who will be (and remember I am the first to state that) one of the well recognized and known pianists not only in the middle east but in the whole world. It is a blessing having a friend and brother like Yorgo.

Farida Youssef

Student Officer

Get to Know Farida

Farida, or Fofa as we call her, is amazing. Words will never be able to express how generous and honest she is. She’s constantly on the front lines, assisting her friends, and is never late to provide a hand. Even if you’re not saying anything wrong, don’t try to talk about women’s rights with her! I can tell you that she’s going to get crazy. Farida’s personality is a mix of caring, dedicated, and hyper; it annoys me that she is always right. If she were to be described in one word, it would be “hard worker.” It’s difficult not to want to be friends with her. Her creativity is one of the things that sets her apart. She strives to be one-of-a-kind and create something never been seen before. That is why I am convinced she is an unmatched team player. Ultimately, you’d be fortunate to have someone as supporting, motivating, and loyal as her in this team. She is extremely fun to be around and for the person with her at the conference, can we swap?

Haya Hossam

Student Officer

Get to Know Haya

There is so much to be said about Haya that won’t fit only 200 words. Haya is the ray of sunshine everyone needs in their life. Not only is she the kindest, most caring, and trustworthy person I know, but she also has the best music taste in the whole team. Stalking her Spotify page is my favorite pastime, to be honest. Haya is someone who can make you laugh while you’re at your lowest. All these great character traits, and she still has more. Like her intellectuality, for example, which I’m sure will make her the most amazing SO any delegate could wish for in these conferences. She also has the best taste in gifts (thank you for the prettiest earrings ever), and if you see her draw or paint, you’d think she was Van Gogh reincarnated or something. Most importantly, she is the best friend anyone could ask for. It isn’t enjoyable to think about what my life would be like without her. Beyond being a perfect friend, she is also a fantastic asset to this team, and I am 100% sure that she will put all of her efforts into making every delegate who enters OISMUN XV’s experience a thousand times better.

Jana El Bassiouni

Student Officer

Get to Know Jana

Jana, Jonjoun, Jæna, Jinos, Johnson… 200 words aren’t enough to describe your amazing personality. You may look like a shy/introverted person – wait let me rephrase it into a “Figure de style” – you’re like a flower that’s going to bloom, when you bloom your real beauty appears. 1. Your smile: is the sunshine illuminating my day 2. Your infinite level of kindness fascinates me 3. Your positivity amazes me! Getting to know Jana, means getting to know one of the smartest, brightest and one of the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet. During stressful situations, she always radiates calm energy, positivity and support. She resembles a delicate flower that can’t tolerate any violence don’t be violent with her! (that’s something I needed to learn 🙂 Jana is the queen of creativity. The proof: she’s the only one in the promotion with deux langues A -trust me this is a huge thing-! She’s also the one with which you’ll share a ton of awesome moments to cherish forever. For example: us constantly hating the “curse of Socrates” (because you always get sick there and get Borofeen from the doctor), and ALWAYS speaking French pour “maîtriser notre langue”. You hating my angry face emoji and constantly making fun of mes compétences d’organisation in my notebook…Presidents and delegates will be delighted to work with you, because you’ll brighten the Committee. PS. Never steal those nicknames, because I can get quite, violent!

Jana Khaled

Student Officer

Get to Know Jana

Jana, or as I love to call her Jojo. She is one of the most unique people I have ever met. Describing her in only 200 words is most definitely one of the most difficult tasks. Her creativity is like no other. She has such an innovative mind that sometimes it’s hard to believe the ideas that she constantly comes up with on her own. Other than her being such an intelligently creative person, Jana is a fun and kind-hearted person. She will never fail to make you laugh. She’s also an amazing listener and an even better advice-giver. If you need someone to let loose and spend time with, then Jojo is unquestionably the right person. Her energy will make your day 100% better and I guarantee you’ll be walking around with a smile on your face. Needless to say, Jana is an incredibly supportive person who’ll never judge you and always wishes the best for you no matter what. I have known Jana for 8 years now and I can whole- heartedly say that I am so thankful for her and that I am so incredibly proud of everything she’s accomplished and the woman that she is today.

Janna El Nashar

Student Officer

Get to Know Janna

There are so many ways I can describe Janna. She will always know how to make you feel welcome, even if you’ve never talked to her. She will never fail to make you feel included. Janna is always the nicest to everyone around her (I couldn’t say that, as cliché as it sounds), and she always knows how to cheer them up. She has the perfect sticker for every situation and knows every Egyptian movie reference. Trust me; you need to play “aflame” with her at least once. Janna always knows how to make a situation light and cheerful when required, but she also knows how to be serious and listen to you when you need her to. She somehow knows how to make the worst days more bearable. The person who gets the chance to work with her is extremely lucky because she will never surprise them with her creativity and work ethic, and I say this speaking from experience. If there’s one last thing you need to know about Janna, it’s that she brings the best popcorn with her to school. These are just the things I can say about her off the top of my head because when you get to know Janna, you’ll find out she’s a person you can’t describe in just one paragraph.

Kenzie Ahmed

Student Officer

Get to Know Kenzie

Kanouz, literally the funnest and most enthusiastic person you’ll ever meet. Kenzie is the type of person you go to when you want to have a good laugh, whenever you’re in a bad mood, and trust me when I tell you that she will cheer you up, no matter the situation or the circumstances. Even if you aren’t that close to Kenzie, she’ll definitely make you feel as if you’ve known each other forever, due to her very welcoming, kind, and understanding personality. Kenzie can and will always match your energy, which makes it 100x easier to feel comfortable around her. Kanouz has the type of laugh that is funnier than the joke itself and will probably end up making you laugh even harder. If you can’t reach Kenzie, just know that she’s probably either studying business, binging a new tv show, or laughing somewhere. Kenzie always blows the room away with her diligence and hard work, her ability to bring her passion and creativity into her work is simply astonishing. Moreover, Kanouz is extremely dedicated to anything she does, not because she has to, but because she’s always passionate about what she does and never stops until she perfects it.

Kenzy Tamer

Student Officer

Get to Know Kenzy

Kenize or should I say Kenzinne ? You’re a real treasure in all cases. Have you ever seen a cute , intelligent , supportive fairy ? If you haven’t then you certainly haven’t met kenzinne. You could also replace kezinne with a red flower; they’re typically the same, as it’s her one and only emoji . Kenzie has been special since the day she was born , that’s crystal clear seeing her birth date “ 5 /5/2005” . `So it shouldn’t surprise you to know that she’s a really unique person. It all started in C3 ,in the same French class. I remember we were doing a “comparer opposer” , and it was the 22nd of May 2019 (I had to scroll down our chat for 10 min to find out the date !) At that moment ,I realized how talented she was in finding arguments and convincing our group members. Since then , we shared the same committees for 3 years .Those 3 years were strong evidence for her hard work .Having her in a committee means guaranteed support and kindness ( +Fun ) ! If you took her to the Egyptian museum , then I believe she might give you one of her red flowers. She loves history . Besides, don’t ever think about commenting on her height ,she’ll get angry really fast.PS: She’s a really talented artist , so don’t hesitate to ask her to show you her masterpieces.

Logyne Haitham

Student Officer

Get to Know Logyne

Logyne definitely has the purest heart amongst all members of the team. If you need some help, you could search for Logyne. If you need some heartwarming support, search for Logyne. If you need to find the perfect member of the team, search for Logyne, search for the future psychiatrist. The fulfillment of any need you can have will be always there with Logyne. She’s quite a role model for students. She’s very precise and neat… Even though she’s an SO, I bet she’s going to take the best delegate certificate since no work quality can be compared to hers. Then, talking about her life outside of school: Logyne is our swimming champion in school. You’re probably now asking yourself; What?! She’s a perfect student and athlete?! Absolutely yesss! But not only that, she’s our representative in all of the radio channels all along Egypt. In case OISMUN needs some sponsors, Logyne could ask for them while performing her radio show “Gary El Ta7mil”. What an exquisite combination of features and skills in only one member of the OISMUN team! I confirm that Logyne is worth 10 members of the team.

Mariam El Ashmawy

Student Officer

Get to know Mariam

Mariam Ashmawy is one of the hardest working people I know. She is full of life and energy and always puts a smile on people’s faces. With the amount of enthusiasm she portrays, everyone has a great time when she is around. She is an incredible person and a great friend. She never misses any work and always puts her all in whatever she is doing with an incredible amount of dedication. She is very optimistic and always sees the best in people, giving them a second chance with her kind and loving heart. Although in our past we have had extreme highs and lows, I always know that she will never let me down and will always be there whenever I need her. Mariam is one of the most trustworthy people I know, with an extreme sense of loyalty towards her friends. She has always succeeded, and I wish that she will always stay the way she is and never change.

Nada Ahmed

Student Officer

Get to Know Nada

Nice, Adventurous, Devoted, and Adorable. There are all adjectives that describe Nada ( no like literally if you put the first letter of each one together it spells Nada). The coolest friend with the coolest email « » :). It would astonish you to see how many McDonald’s meals and 7up cans Nada consumes in one day. Nada’s gifted with many talents, one of which is to always embarrass herself. All jokes aside, Nada’s the most dedicated and consistent person ever. She’s the support system everyone needs, she’s always the first in line whenever you need help. Regardless of what’s going on, she would drop anything and everything to help you. Nadouzi’s the literal human form of a ray of sunshine, she brings joy and laughter wherever she goes. She always lightens up the mood with her horrible jokes and « alshat ». An amazing friend, a hard worker and I’m sure an awesome student officer. If you’re working with Nada you’ll definitely enjoy it, it’ll always be the best time, the perfect balance between hard work and fun. A chance to work with Nada is a chance of a lifetime. For more information please contact:

Nour Makled

Student Officer

Get to Know Nour

Describing Nour or as i like to call her nonzi in 200 words is definitely one of the most difficult tasks. Nour is without a doubt the most charming and dedicated person I know. In simpler words, she’s a ray of sunshine who brings joy to everyone she meets. I’ve known Nour for so many years and let me tell you that nothing is complete without her smile and enthusiasm. She’s a hard working and committed person, who’ll always impress you with her work and ideas. As a person who finds it hard to open up to others, Nour is one of the only people that I can truly be myself around. A social butterfly is what she should be called, always looking out for others when needed. Her work always exceeds the standards. She is always punctual and completes her work to the best of her abilities. Nour has a smile that fills the room wherever she is, always spreading positivity. She is an affable person who is always on top of her task. Nour never gives up and always tries to beat any obstacles in her way. Whoever works with Nour is a very lucky person.

Rawan Mazen

Student Officer

Get to Know Rawan

Rawan may seem like the typical shy girl at first but when you get to know her, she will prove you otherwise. She’s the funniest, most energetic, LOUD, crazy person you’ll ever meet yet she’s able to surprise you every time by showing how smart and intelligent she is. Getting to know Rawan or as I’d like to call her Rourou was the best thing; she’s an amazing person to have around because she has such a positive cheerful energy and never fails to brighten up the mood of any room. Rawan is always the one to use her sense of humor as a way to break up stressful or uneasy situations. She will always be by your side, always cheering you up, always supporting you no matter what therefore she is the most understanding, supportive and genuine person. Having Rawan as a chair would be the perfect fit because on one hand the work would surely be guaranteed and on the other, the committee would never be boring, every delegate will walk out of their conference having the best time of their life. To sum it up, Rawan is the most fearless person who is always 100% dedicated to their work.

Rima Fadhel

Student Officer

Get to Know Rima

Rima is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful people that i’ve met in my life, she always seems to care more about the people around her than herself, she is always ready to support them in anything they choose to do with no judgment. Whenever she’s around, her positive and enthusiastic personality manages to lighten the mood and light up the room. She is also one of the best listeners, always making me and everyone around her feel heard and understood. She has amazing leadership skills, she manages to maintain the perfect balance between keeping a serious attitude and also having fun. Which makes her perfect for the role of student officer, because she will manage to keep the delegates interested while also keeping them on task. Also whatever Rima does in her life she does it well, proven by her ambitious subject choices that she still manages to get good grades in. Even when times get hard, she is always getting her work done under any circumstances. Having you on this team guarantees that we will have a successful conference.

Ruqqayah Amr

Student Officer

Get to Know Ruqayyah

Having to describe Ruqayyah in less than 200 words is definitely the hardest task. As cliché as it sounds, Ruqayyah and I started off hating each other. But to my surprise we ended up forming an unbreakable bond. Ruqayyah is the kind of person who no matter what will always put the closest people to her before herself. She is without a doubt the nicest, most selfless, prettiest and hard working person I know. Whether you’re close or not, you can always count on Ruqayyah. Ruqayyah is the type of person who’s willing to do anything with you unless it’s dancing, yet the most energetic and positive person. If you ever want to please Ruqayyah get her Dunkin iced coffee and she will do whatever you want. She can share anything with you except her chicken strips and pineapple juice. I feel incredibly lucky to have someone in my life who supports me as much as Ruqayyah does. Most importantly, one of the qualities I admire the most about her is her genuine caring. The person who gets to work with Ruqayyah is definitely the luckiest PS: Never look at Ruqayyah in a serious situation because she will most likely laugh.

Farid Rafla

Student Officer

Get to Know Farid

It’s hard for me to describe Farid in 200 words, but I can assure you that he will be a good addition to the team. Farid is a very energetic person that you can always count on. He’s short, but his ego is far higher than his size. With him around, the atmosphere will be far more joyful and fun. Talking in the beginning about applying in the team and dealing with the process together makes me proud of him. I believe that he is very suitable for his position, he can easily convince you of his point of view. His passion for everything about MUN, from politics to debate, made him an excellent delegate, and I am sure that it will help him become an even greater chair. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should be aware that it will be the most enjoyable experience of their lives. He’s a hardworking person, also a sociable person therefore it’s easy for anyone to communicate with him without hesitation.

Salma El Aidy

Student Officer

Get to Know Salma

Salma , also known as “sal” , the kind of person you’d look at and wonder “hmm how can a concert be in a human form??” Well , that’s our Sal. Despite the fact that she’s the dwarf of the team , she’s a ball of energy that never seems to run out . With her never ending stories to tell , and that cheer that never runs out, you’d think she’s a long lost member of “high school musical”. She’s most likely to become president of the world ,and the most productive person you’ll probably ever meet , she’s the mastermind behind everything , a perfectionist ( but she won’t admit it), and despite her being the clumsiest yet most responsible person alive ,Our Sal is most special bombing personality. She’s a sister and a friend that would stand by you no matter what. She’s the kind of person you’d trust with your life. She’s the spark and glitter in every room . Our pretty Einstein. Just her laugh is enough to make everyone around her burst into laughter as well. She’s a core memory. (Ps. If she throws one of her jokes at you don’t don’t be scared , that’s just our Sal)

Salma Bakir

Student Officer

Get to Know Salma

Here’s me writing for Souki for the second year in a row. Salma the girl with the purest heart ever, most genuine, understanding, supportive and innocent person ever . I don’t think anyone is as hard working and determined as Souki; in literally everything she does in her life. She’s still confused and stuck between being an A+ student or a skater girl as she likes calling herself: an “athlete”. She’s the literal definition of a perfectionist, no matter what, she’s never going to turn in any task unless it’s more than perfect! Salma has a very deep and wide personality with uncountable sides, you just need to get to know her to discover all her sides. We’ve been best friends for 14 years now and throughout all those years she’s been always “busy doing nothing”. One of Salma’s best qualities is that she always wants to help, she’s going to help whoever whenever she can . She is honest, enthusiastic and energetic in all that she does. I am certain that she would achieve so much success in her position just like last year, her junior delegates loved her so much, till now whenever they see her, they run to say Hi!

Sarah Cornec

Student Officer

Get to Know Sarah

If Hermione Granger were an actual person, her name would be Sarah Cornec, which is ironic considering Sarah’s obsession with Harry Potter. Sou has the weirdest yet most lovable personality, and describing her in only 200 words is a true challenge. Sarah is the kind of person that will unintentionally make you cry on the podium ( believe me, I’ve been there multiple times); she’ll create a debate out of the ridiculous topics, such as why she considers pasta to be the worst dish ever. Sarah is the mom of our friend group; she will always be by your side no matter what, give you her complete and undivided attention, and is constantly ready with ridiculous stickers to cheer you up. Aside from being a true sweetheart, she is by far the most hardworking person I know. She always puts 110 percent no matter the assignment and always strives for perfection. Sou is the most honest, most loyal, and most trustworthy person there is, she’s been my family for about eight years now, and she’s the greatest asset to our team; I do not doubt that Sarah’s committee will be an exceptional one.

Youssef Hammouda

Student Officer

Get to Know Youssef

What can I say about Hammouda ? He is the most energetic, mood lifting, life of the party you will ever meet. He can always make you laugh with his lovely sense of humor. However, he can always switch into his serious persona when times are tough. You can always count on Youssef to finish on time and he will help you with anything you need right then and there. He is a shoulder to support you and brings a lot to the team. He has an interesting way of looking at things and always thinks outside the box. You can be in the most closed problem where you can’t put your finger on the solution and then he comes around the corner and shows you a whole new perspective. He is the man you can count on and he knows you can count on him. Even though we’ve had our highs and lows, I am certain that Hammouda will always be on my side whenever I need him to be. In short, Hammouda is the most reliable, friendly and smart friend and colleague you can find, he loves all his friends as much as we love him.

Ali Cherif

Student Officer

Get to Know Ali

Knowing alipops since P2, I obviously know a lot about him, so describing him in less than 200 words will be challenging. From his sense of humor and stupidity to his logical thinking and hard work, Ali has many qualities that make him the perfect friend. Ali impresses me with his ability to balance his academic and athletic life. Being the squash champion he is, it’s very inspiring once you truly get to know how dedicated he is to the sport, and this dedication is something we should all learn from him. Ali always pushes everyone around him to their limits whether it’s in proving a point, because he’s EXTREMELY stubborn! Or whether it’s in something related to schoolwork because he always likes to produce high quality work. Ali is also charismatic and a very loyal friend, who’s always there for me, and I’m sure that he will always be there for anyone who’s paired with him. Don’t let his height and looks fool you because he’s really easy to crack up if you can take his humor lightly. In all seriousness, I am extremely grateful to have someone like Ali in my life, so keep being you ya shafee2.

Youssef Safina

Student Officer

Get to know Youssef

Safina or as I like to call him safsaf is one of the nerdiest and stupidest people I know. Even though he might seem intimidating at first, Safina has the purest and kindest heart. He’s the most energetic person you’ll meet and trust me, you will never feel bored in his presence. Youssef and I have been best friends for 12 years but I still learn a lot of things about him every single day. Youssef is passionate and is the kind of person that is willing to do anything to prove his point; you can literally have a serious debate with him about burgers being better than pizza. The words that describe Youssef are caring and loyal. He never forgets anyone in his encounter and always makes sure that everyone is doing good even with a 1am FaceTime call. He will support you in every situation and will never judge your decisions. Whenever you feel down, know that youssef will make you feel better and comfortable in any possible situation. Safina is the greatest friend and colleague and I’m sure that he will make our first experience as team members unforgettable and will make an important difference in OISMUN.

Crisis Committee

Karma Essam

Crisis Officer

Get to Know Karma

No words could ever describe karma’s kindness and thoughtfulness, she’s the most caring person you could ever meet , even though she’s extremely stubborn you’ll still find her flexible. Karma’s been a great friend and she proves that every day , she’ll be there for everyone even if it’s someone that she doesn’t know, cry in front of karma and she’ll make you feel the best of yourself . She could spend hours talking about stuff that doesn’t even make sense yet you’d still think that what she’s saying made sense and agree with her , she always knows what to say and has a solution for every problem and she tries her best to make you feel better about yourself. Karamella is just such a sweet person to everyone , and she’s so much fun to be around and she’ll always look out for the people she cares about and needs . Karma’s always always honest , she’s the type of person that won’t make you feel awkward or uncomfortable around someone , she always has your back even if you’re not in the best circumstances. She’s an amazing person and I really mean that.I’m so excited to be sharing my OISMUN XV experience with her.

Hanya Ragai

Crisis Officer

Get to know Hanya

9 years of friendship with hanya and she could still surprise me everyday with her understanding . She could understand you from a look . It’s always a good laugh around her . She is a really good listener and could keep up with you till the morning . fastest replier , Online 24/7 . She always motivates the people around her . And above all she is a risk-taker and could accomplish any challenge you give her . Changing form physique to bio and chimie sup was her biggest challenge but she still managed to surprise us with her success in it . Working with hanya will be one of the most fun things “you will procrastinate together” but still you’ll manage to do the best work . She will always get the best out of you .

Khadija Mohamed

Crisis Officer

Get to Know Khadija

Khadija Hisham, 200 words won’t be enough to cover the triggering information I found about you in the past week. If you are in a group chat with her, you will never feel left out because she replies to every single message. An anti-male, who annoys boys for a living, will have a stroke if she gets asked to choose between Sebastian Stan or Dylan O’Brian. Khadija is the best fit for Crisis for messed-up reasons. Her acting skills would intimidate anyone; she stares at people for fun. It wouldn’t be hard for her to find a crisis topic since she watches murder mysteries to get a good night’s sleep. We wouldn’t even know if her threatening the committee is a part of the Crisis or it’s a typical day in the extraordinary life of Khadija Hisham. She said, and I quote, “My specialty is keeping calm and happiness during complete earth-shattering chaos.” Putting all the slander aside, she is the most outgoing person with energy sufficient for every team member. I want to get closer with you and discuss our mutual obsession with fictional characters. Welcome to OISMUNXV.

Approval Panel

Mariam Ezzat

Approval Panel

Get to Know Mariam

Describing mariam in 200 words was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, literally. Mariam is the human version of a headache, you won’t stand her loud voice and the chaos she brings everywhere she goes. Especially how she thinks she’s always right, even if you have proof that she’s wrong. Most importantly, she’s the strongest girl you’ll ever meet, I’m not exaggerating. She’s the person who could listen to you talk about anything anytime, and would give you the best advice ever. I have known her for 14 years now and throughout all those years, she has never let me down, whenever I needed her, she was always supportive and very encouraging (with her yolo mindset). Zizo, my literal family, she is truly one of a kind, the best friend you only find once in a lifetime (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though). The girl that will make you proud of her more and more every single day. As she is keen on describing herself as “lovable”, out of all the words in the world, I can assure you that she really really is and always will be.

Malak Hassanein

Approval Panel

Get to Know Malak

I was certain I wanted to write about Malak when we got the chance to write the letters, but now that I’m writing it, I cannot form or choose the words. Malak has a heart of gold. Her bright smile brightens the room. It makes people happy. That is one of the reasons why I admire her. It has never occurred to Kouka to despise someone. Get a Malak if you ever need someone to listen to you. If you ever need someone to be there for you and assist you with anything, get a Malak. Malak may appear shy at first, but as you get to know her, you will find her to be the most outgoing person you ever met. Malak, the one who makes the best cookies you will ever taste, she knows how to always cheer someone up when they are down. She is the definition of a cartoon person with her charisma and her features. I mean you get me right, look at her picture up there.She is always positive and she definitely looks like a cartoon character with her upbeat energy. You can talk to her about anything and she will show interest.

Laila Mohamed

Approval Panel

Get to Know Laila

Laila, the girl obsessed with the Vamps, British accents, and Marvel; weird combination, I know, but it’s what made her the unique person she is today. Laila is a perfectionist in everything she does, whether it’s schoolwork or not; she always does her best; she has an answer to everything and says it is the most confident tone possible, hence why you can’t ever win an argument against her. She’s persevering, hardworking, goal-oriented, an excellent tutor, and you can get your mind to think of any IB learner profile. However, that’s only the side of Laila that everyone sees and knows; to me, Laila is a great kind-hearted friend who always comes through; she’ll help you without even thinking twice and give the best advice. If she suspects that someone’s not feeling good, this would be the person’s best day ever. Laila’s ability to cheer up people is unquestionable. So if you still don’t know her yet, here you go. I gave you a push, but the rest is on you. Just a little tip, don’t EVER bring up how bad the Vamps are; even if you’re suitable for your own safety, i advise you not to.

Alia El Mahdy

Approval Panel

Get to Know Alia

Alia is the living embodiment of a lollipop. She’s sweet, always spreads happiness and simply just a very colorful person. Words can not describe how much I love her. If you want to find Alool in school just go to the person in the hall saying hi to everyone and jumping up and down while dancing; you might wonder how someone that is so full of energy is also simultaneously without a doubt always tired and sleepy, that is one of the many questions I ponder everyday that will probably never have be answered. You know that you have an advantage over others when you have a person in your life that will always make you smile, will accompany you on any adventure and will support you no matter what and no matter how incredibly stupid an idea it is. She will always be the one cheering you on and hyping you up (to quote her: “eh ya amar”) and will always be the one you run to in a time of need, her hugs are truly medicine and a gift to the world and her existence makes everyone happier. Knowing Alia Elmahdy is truly one of the privileges of life.


Omar El Anany


Get to Know Omar

Ezzo, we play the same sport and we have the same passion for our sport, maybe we’re not the same age or grade but we have friends in common and I haven’t heard a single bad word about you, all your friends appreciate your presence, and that made me respect you even more, I was so happy when I knew about you being part of the team because I know the good vibe and the laughter you’ll bring for the whole team during the three conferences, it’ll be 100x better with you the conference, and I’m so proud of you, because it’s your first year here with us at school and you’re already with us in the team and being an usher for the team is a big responsibility because we’ll all be depending on you since we know how much this position is important for the team and your personality fits it perfectly. I wish we could give our best for the team and also keep up with your water polo training. I wish you the best during the conferences Ezzo and I’m sure you’ll impress us all.

Ammar Ahmed

Usher Hospitality

Get to Know Ammar

Describing Ammar in 200 words is very hard because I have known Ammar for a very long time and I consider him one of my closest friends. I can tell he is a great fit for the team because his work ethic is unmatched. Ammar is an MMA fighter and he is one of the strongest people I know physically and mentally. He takes his position seriously and is always eager to get to work. He likes to offer help to everyone on an academic and personal level. He also never ceases to make us all laugh. He makes his department and the whole team feel like the workload is a lot lighter when he is around. He is very funny, energetic, charismatic and even though he may look like a tough guy on the outside, when you get to know him you realize how much of an expressive person he actually is. Throughout our time knowing each other I have learned a lot from him, and when I found out he was going to be part of the hospitality department, I was very excited because I knew he is going to be a great addition to the team.

Youssef Shaalan

Usher Administration

Get to Know Youssef

Shaalan is the weirdest person I’ve ever met. It’s challenging to describe such a person in a few words. Knowing him for the past years has made the moments we shared unforgettable. Even though he complains about everything needing 1% effort, when he sets a target, he will achieve it no matter what. He is a very helpful person, he will always offer a helping hand and try to help you as much as he can. He is the most caring person I’ve ever seen. He loves to shoot straight but his honesty can sometimes be problematic. He is one the funniest persons you will ever meet, having him around will make the atmosphere more enjoyable. Sometimes, you can consider him as a genius but on other occasions he is very dumb. If you know Shaalan then for sure you know how slow he is while walking, eating, working, drinking… he does everything slowly. I think having him as a team member is a great addition to the team, and that’s because of his personality and his sense of humor that lights everything up. I’m certain that he will make this conference an unforgettable one.

Farida Hisham


Get to Know Farida

Although I haven’t known Farida for long, I can already say that she is the most determined, passionate, caring and independent person you can meet. Fariza is the one who is always sick, she still manages to be next to everyone who needs her, always puts everyone before herself (happy when she is sick?). She is the sweetest human being and yet the fiercest. She is also very stubborn but very flexible, she can be anything and everything when time is short. She always manages to be free spirit, cheerful and happy person even when fi MOSIBA. She is always behind her friends and gets back at those who annoy them! Whenever you are around Fariza, she makes sure you are not left out, sad or quiet. Trust me when I say that you won’t stay in a bad mood for too long if she’s around. She is the person who can give you the best advice but can never help herself. When I tell you that she is “MESAYTARA”, I mean it. If she doesn’t bother/ annoy you in any kind then she doesn’t like you. Farida will be here for you no matter what. I’m glad to call her my best friend and I advise getting to know her but don’t try taking my place!