Schedule / Program
Meeting Points
Code of Conduct
In case of breaching any of the following articles, the person responsible is liable for consequences imposed by the OISMUN Secretariat. Consequences vary depending on the type of infraction and are at the complete discretion of the OISMUN executive team. All participants and team members are to respect the code of conduct and comply to all regulations set forth in this binding document.




  1. The values enshrined in the United Nations Charter must be fulfilled without any exception.


Official Languages

  1. The official languages of OISMUN are French and English therefore they must be spoken at all times so as written on any official document. All workshops must be conducted either in English or French with no exception. This applies to all members of OISMUN, whether participants or organisers.  



  1. Respect is the foundation of OISMUN henceforth all members must be respected without any exception and regardless to your or their position.
  2. OISMUN will not tolerate any instances of discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation or preferences, national origin, religion, age and disability(ies). Any instances or form of discrimination is to be immediately reported to the Secretary General and/or any member of the Executive Team.
  3. All sorts of illegal substances, drugs, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited to all participants on the school grounds and during outings that are supervised by the school. The same applies to being under the influence of all the mentioned above in this article.
  4. All sorts of violence and bullying are prohibited to all participants.    
  5. Any inappropriate behaviour whether conjugal or of any other sort is prohibited.
  6. Side talks during debates are prohibited.

Usage of Electronic Equipment

  1. The use of laptops and/or tablets is permitted in committees and preparatory unless instructed otherwise by the Presidency. The aforementioned devices are to be used exclusively for purposes related to OISMUN while in the committee sessions and/or preparatory workshops.
  2. The use of cell phones, personal audio devices (iPods, mp3 players) is prohibited in the committee and workshops as it may interfere in the proceedings of the committee.
  3. The Internet service provided by OISMUN during the conference is not to be abused. Any inappropriate use of the service is prohibited. The Internet service is only to be used for conference related purposes.



  1. In case of absence from the conference, participants must notify the Administration Department via email 24 hours in advance. However, Admins must notify the Admins Department.   
  2. All delegates must attend the workshops organized before the conference, if a delegate absents from more than two workshops he/she is de facto out of the conference. Conference participants must notify the Administration Department 72 hours prior to the workshop in addition to specifying a valid reason for their absence.      
  3. All delegates and student officers must be on time for the sessions.
  4. The opening and closing ceremonies are a must to all participants.
  5. The General Assembly plenary session is a must for all delegates except those of the ICJ and all ambassadors must contribute to the General Assembly plenary session debate.
  6. Leaving the committee without the permission of the chairperson is strictly prohibited.
  7. All participants should be on time for the buses and in the event that a participant misses the bus for their meeting point the participant is responsible for his own transportation.


Work Ethics

  1. All delegates must submit original and non-plagiarized work to their respective officers.
  2. Under no circumstances may a delegate deviate from the foreign policy of his country. In the case that someone does not fully understand his country’s policy please request assistance from your chairperson.
  3. All main submitters must hand in their resolutions to the approval panel and await the instructions of the MUN director concerned as well as the chairperson.


Dress Code

  1. All participants must wear their badges everyday of the conference and during the opening and closing ceremony.
  2. OISMUN’s dress code is strictly formal therefore all participants should respect it.
  • Men should wear a suit and a tie or bow tie.
  • Women must wear appropriate formal clothing.
  1. Prohibited articles of clothing (excluding outings and ceremonies):
  • Jeans, jeggings and ripped pants;
  • Neon colored clothes, makeup and nail polish;
  • Heels;
  • Leather pants and jackets;
  • Tight skirts and dresses;
  • Formal shorts/skirts/dresses that are shorter than arms length;
  • Sandals/crocs/flip flops;
  • Sneakers;
  • Hats of any sort;
  • Hoodies;  
  • Any national costume or military attire;
  • Studded clothing and footwear.
  1. During the closing ceremony the same dress code applies with exception of heels.  



  1. OISMUN conference fees are compulsory for all conference participants regardless of their position. All participants must pay the fees by the appropriate deadline set by the Organisation Team
  2. By participating in the conference, conference participants agree to comply with the payment policy set forth by the Executive Team.


ICJ Rules of Procedures

Country Profile Worksheet

Security Council Guidelines

GA Plenary Session Rules

Resolution Writing

Rules of Procedure

Position Paper