Foreign Schools Registration

In order to register to the OISMUN conference, the two forms found below must be filled. The first form is a delegation form that must be filled by the faculty adviser responsible for the students that will be participating. The second form must be filled by each student wanting to participate. If you have any questions kindly contact the Administration Department at

OISMUN Payment and Registration Policies
By registering in the OISMUN conference, conference participants agree to adhere by values and articles of the OISMUN Code of Conduct, as well as the payment and registration policies stated below. Breach of the following policies will result in an immediate cancellation of the registration.


The OISMUN participation fees are 200 USD, and are compulsory for all participants. For info regarding payment procedures kindly contact Mr. Ahmed Hussein at

Important Dates and Deadlines

30th of September 2018: Payment Deadline

Refund Policy

All refund requests must be processed through the OISMUN website. Requests made by telephone, email and/or oral requests will not be honored.

1- 50% Refunds – Less than 21 Days Notice.

Refund requests received within 21 days from the start of the conference will be subject to a 50% refund.

2- No Refunds – Within 2 Weeks

Refund requests received within two weeks of the start of the conference will not be eligible for a refund.

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

1.Do I need a visa to Egypt? Can I get it at the airport? How much does it cost? Is it included in conference fees?

Yes, you will need avisa.
Depending on your nationality, costs and procedures can differ. Unfortunately, you cannot get it at the airport. It has to be ready before you come.  It costs around $15 (US) per person. However, different nationalities have different rules. For detailed information on visas and fees, please check visas and passports page. No, it is not included in the conference fees.

2. Who will meet us at the airport?

A member of the Secretariat, an MUN Director, the Head of Accommodation and the family hosting the student.

3. What is the distance between the airport and the school?

50.9 km via Ring Rd Or, 31.3 km via Airport Rd and Salah Salem St

4. Will the hosting families meet us at the airport?

Yes, they will be there welcoming you with open arms.

5. How will we get from the hotel / hosting family to the MUN venue daily?

The school takes charge of all transportation related to the conference, with security personnel on each bus. So rest assured, you’ll be provided with transportation.

6. Is public transport safe? This includes buses, metro, taxi, etc…

It is safer to always use and be with the hosting family and/or the school.

7. Is the fee for outings included in the conference payment?


8. How should we (as supervisors) contact our students at hosting families?

You will be provided with the hosting families’ phone numbers and the head of accommodation’s phone number.

9. Is WIFI available during the conference?

Yes, students will be provided with WIFI during the whole conference.

10. Are participants awarded certificates at the end of the conference?

Yes, they get to receive a participation certificate.

11. Are vegetarian students and advisors taken into consideration?

Yes, they will be provided with a variety of food, they do not need to worry.

12. Will be there a safe place to put our bags during the conference?

There will be a class provided only to put your bags and important stuff during the conference. Each student will get a number when he or she leaves the bag in the class so he can easily get it later.

13. Is smoking allowed within the school premises?

No, it is only allowed outside of the school building

14. If we choose to stay for 2 or 3 days after the conference, will the host families still provide accommodation or do we have to reserve a hotel? What is the option for transport?

Unfortunately, you will have to reserve a hotel. However, we will be helping by providing you options for transport and hotel reservations.

15. At what time do shops close down?

12 am (midnight).

16. Can I change the name of a student in a committee?

Yes, you can. Kindly email send an email to the Administration department at with the Delegate’s name, and the desired change.

17. I want to switch around two students from one committee to another – can I do this?

Yes, however requests for committee changes will be studied on a case by case basis. To request a switch kindly contact the administration department at

18. Can I increase the number of students in my delegation?

Yes. Kindly notify the Accommodation Department at of the increase, and indicate if the extra student(s) will be housed in a hotel or family accommodation.  Each extra student must them fill the individual application form (Form 2).

For any further inquiries, kindly contact us at

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